Does Netflix have ‘Law and Order: Special Victim Unit’?

Law and Order: Special Victim Unit – Photo: NBC

We were recently asked if Law and Order: Special Victim Unit It was on Netflix anywhere in the world and sadly, despite the fact that the show was aired on Netflix in the United States a few days ago, there is no answer. Here is an updated streaming guide Law and Order: SVU 2021 and beyond.

After returning to its 2nd season on September 2nd, the drama series comes from Dick Wolf following the fictional version of NYPD. The series has seen multiple spin-offs:

  • Organized crime
  • Evil
  • Judgment by jury
  • The
  • Justified crime
  • Hate crime

What happened to law and order: SVUs on Netflix in the United States?

The show was available on Netflix in the United States but not every season. In fact, there were only 5 asons on Netflix but the old asons are gone as soon as the rights expire.

18’s ason tu Law and Order: SVU It was the last season of the show to come to Netflix. The show is set to launch across Netflix throughout 2018.

Law and Order Svu Netflix

Netflix Canada was too Law and Order: SVU For some time. It first appeared on Netflix Canada in March 2016 and added a new season later that year. Things started to go the other way in 2017 before a season was removed before the show was completely removed in early 2018 and has not returned since.

Why did it go away? For the same reason we’ve seen several shows from major networks Netflix to help with their own streaming services.

In this case, that’s Hulu and nowadays, the peacock is biased where 23 and 22 asons are streaming, respectively.

That being said, unlike many other networks, the idea of ​​a return to law and order in the future is not entirely out of the window. The reason we say it is Chicago Med Was added to Netflix in the United States in 2021. This rare license on the NBC show (and not less than the Dick Wolf show) may indicate that while NBC’s parent company Peacock has given most of its attention, more may follow in the future.

Is there another Netflix region streaming Law and Order: Special Victim Unit?

No. No other Netflix territory enforces law and order: Special Victim Unit. You will find the show available where Sky works all over the world.

In the UK, for example, you are only able to see Law and Order: SVU Right now.

Surprisingly, Netflix streamed the Belgium show but only one season, Season 17.

So in conclusion, Netflix is ​​not home Law and Order: SVU Since it hadn’t been for many years.

What do you want to see Law and Order: SVU Return to Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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