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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Mehro Makes music for fans To feel. The 21-year-old rising star’s eager first single,Perfume, With its depressing sound guitar licking and love-hitting song, released in February 2020 and has since become a true indie hit with over 10 million streams on Spotify. Released single and two remixes, Sky on Fire, Which was published in March 2021. To date, the project has collected more than 23 million streams and the songs of the project have been saved or playedlisted 1.1 million times.

Mehro’s success is driven by a marketing approach that enhances his natural affection through and through social media. Video Content, as well as Spotify tools for artists Canvas, Artist playlist, And Discovery mode To help her deepen her connection with current fans and introduce her to new ones.

When asked about his source of inspiration and why he created music, Mehro actually replied: “I am a sensitive person. I felt a lot inside me, and I had to give it up somehow. “On social media, in Intimate conversation With fans on Zoom, even in this article’s interview, Mehro’s behavior reflects the emotional music he has published so far: he is polite, as confident, and most importantly, authentic.

His manager Danny Rukasin said, “The stories he tells in these songs are universal but very specific. “The way he has built a community around his music and his fans, [you can tell that] She really cares. ”Rukasin, Billy Ilish, and Phineas’ co-manager, partnered with Mehro to help him realize his goals of caring for himself and his family, while creating art that brings him fulfillment and excitement.

No stranger to the need for emerging artists, the team around Rucasin and Mehro embarked on a journey with a strategy to scale audiences for its honest and sincere music brand. Although fans have gotten a taste of what Mehro can do so far with his release, Rukasin explains that this is just the tip of the iceberg and requires a vital approach to creating a fanbase for a variety of offers. “Mehro has a ton of music – and a wide variety of music,” he says. “So together we are planning a release that is not leading to a big moment but is releasing music consistently, so there is no end point to listening to the newly discovered fans and being overwhelmed.”

Spotify for Artist Tools was the key to their plan to build on their past success and transform social media engagement into Spotify fan engagement. Mehro playlist, Stay clean, Not only did he have a place to perform his own music, he also had a taste for music. Playlists, which fans can find through her artist profile Artist selection, Featuring tracks from his own favorite artists: “Stay Pure is one of the things I get from champion artists whose music I love and whom I respect,” he says.

Beyond the outpouring of his personal tastes, Stay Pure was an opportunity to engage fans and give them a share of creation. “Stay Pure has become a fan initiative where our fans were submitting UGC [user-generated content] Creative, and we’ve finally made the cover one of the fans’ artwork, “explained Ryan Lacey, Mehro’s marketing manager. “We’re not just trying to build a community around Mehro’s Instagram; A community will be built around his Spotify.

Mehro included [Canvas]( to help tell visual stories with his music.

Mehro has included canvas to help with visual storytelling with his music.

For Mehro, painting is just as important as music, and he uses canvas to tell visual stories with his music. “We started with that‘ scented ’canvas, and there’s really something timeless about that canvas that we really love – it’s very mehro,” Lassi says. “We went out to get the canvases out‘ disgusting ’and solo, but then, once we started talking about it Sky on Fire Project, we were, ‘Maybe now we have the opportunity to refresh these canvases and give fans something new, especially if they’re back on some of these tracks for the second, third, fourth time.’

Discovery mode was the key to their plan to speed up Mehro and introduce them to their listeners, who were fond of his words. Currently in an early testing phase, this new tool can help artists expand the reach of their music when viewers are most open to discovery. “Spotify understands how to really hit those audiences,” Rukasin said. “[With Discovery Mode], We saw the opportunity and felt, ‘Why are we still building and moving towards a new release, why not take it?’ New songs are coming. Why not go and see if the music is going to resonate, and then throw it overdrive so that the listeners are inactively listening to lock the songs. ”

In August, Mehro’s team launched Discovery Mode for “Perfume” and “Opportunity with You” through its distributor Downtown Music Service. “We started with two songs,” Rukasin explained. “The strategy was: Start with two songs for three weeks at the moment of the new release. It will help listeners create a wave.” Discovery mode helped further that reach and quadruple its monthly new audience growth, which for the first time surpassed the 1 million monthly audience. Views for both have increased by more than 50%. These numbers prove that the music he composes resonates with fans around the world. Discovery Mode has helped Mehro reach fans in 15 new markets where he previously visited Japan, Slovakia and There was the lowest audience, including Hungary. Rukasin said, “We want to listen to music because we know that all people have to listen once or twice and they will be fans, they will be involved, they will be more active. Will become “.

When Mehro found out that he had reached the 1 million audience milestone, he was understandably surprised: “I can’t believe it. I don’t know what to say. It was one of my long-term goals. [ago]. ”He sees all of this for his reputation as an artist and the variety he has come up with, for example in his recent singles:“ I’m releasing two series of music together, ”he said, with the thrill of writing all over his face. “Name of the first publication from ‘Coastline, ‘And this is what a series is called Chemistry. Not an album, not a project, not an EP – it’s a series, “he said of the fancy strategy of introducing fans to the breadth of his music. “The second song we’re releasing is called ‘Hahakar’, and it’s from another series Dark corners. We are going from one series to the next, releasing one song at a time, to show what we are capable of, what songs are possible for us and who I am, in different aspects such as an artist and a person. ”

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