PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: The latest exhibition of Happy Fireworks afterwards at Magic Kingdom

To move forward into the future, great changes must pass. And Disney World is trying to make those big changes right now, as the parks are gearing up for a review in honor of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Cinderella Castle

Magic Kingdom itself has received some beautiful additions with golden statues, decorations to Cinderella Castle, a giant stage and more. Still, Magic Kingdom will make its most important change in terms of its entertainment. The new Disney Enchantment fireworks and screenings in Main Street, USA, will add extra magic to the park for its 50th anniversary. But that means it’s time to say goodbye to the Happily Ever After!

I, tonight is the last night Happily Ever After was shown at the Magic Kingdom! We took you with us to see the final visualization before Happily Ever After became another party in Disney history. Before the start of the show, there was a large crowd in front of Cinderella Castle.

There is HUGE crowd!

Crowds end up spreading down Main Street, in the United States, with lots of fans showing love for Happily Ever After.

There are people all the way to the main street!

The show started and we knew we were there for something historic. From “How Far I’ll Go” to “Friend Like Me,” it was nice to hear our Disney favorites stare at these dazzling fireworks for the last time.

Happy forever

As always, Cinderella Castle was covered in impressive projections. The show went on and we knew we were nearing the end.

Happy forever

You can watch the full program here!

When the show ended, the huge crowd slowly left the Magic Kingdom, knowing they had seen Happily Ever After for the last time.

Great crowd!

Eventually, the crowd began to disperse and everyone left the park.

Everyone leaves

Watch our full live stream of the final show here.

We’re sure to give you a full look at Disney Enchantment when it starts on October 1st. Stay tuned to All Ears for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

Click here to see the crowds of the new harmonious EPCOT program.

What has been your favorite fireworks show of all time at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below.

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