PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: The new “harmonious” fireworks show has premiered at EPCOT.

There have been several important changes to EPCOT for the last few weeks we have been looking forward to it! The month of September led to the long-awaited opening of Space 220, and we enjoyed checking out the newly expanded French Pavilion with Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure i The Paris Creperie!


Tonight, however, all eyes are on the World Showcase Lagoon, as we finally see the new nightly show. Harmonic!

Harmonic officially takes the place of EPCOT Forever, the previous fireworks show that came out later Illuminations: reflections of the Earth concluded its twenty-year historical history at EPCOT. In recent weeks, we have seen some of the different news from Disney, including a first listen to what appears to be an INCREEDBLE soundtrack Harmonic. Tonight is the first night we were able to see this new show – let’s check it out (More than anything, we were excited to finally see it those giant barges floating at World Showcase Lagoon in full action!).

We arrived before the show started and were greeted by many fans who also wanted to be a part of EPCOT’s story.

Crowd awaiting the start of ‘Harmonious’ at the Japan Pavilion

From the Japan Pavilion to the Norway Pavilion, EPCOT did not miss the public!

Crowd in the Norwegian pavilion

The cast members did a great job making sure things ran smoothly, with designated passages added around World Showcase.

Everyone is ready for Harmonious at EPCOT.

Then it was show time!

It was so exciting to be in this premiere performance, especially with so many fans!

“Harmonious” has arrived at EPCOT!

Here is another angle of Harmonic!


There are moments in the show where the buildings around World Showcase light up, just as they did in pre-EPCOT nightly shows.

Very beautiful!

And, of course, there are fireworks.


And yes, we finally got to see it what those barges were like at night! It really is a colorful show!


It is also a musical-inspired show. Listen:

The show is full of gestures in our favorite Disney movies.

Here is a section on Mulan!

When the program ends, here’s what the barges look like as you leave EPCOT.

Barges illuminated after “Harmonious”

Welcome to EPCOT, Harmonic! Be sure to follow the latest Disney World news and updates as we head straight into the eighteen-month run 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Click here to see our stream of the first public performance of Harmonic!

Are you planning to visit Disney World during its 50th anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments.

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