PHOTOS: We take you inside Steakhouse 71 before it officially opens at Disney World

Steakhouse 71 is a new restaurant that opens at Disney’s Contemporary Resort on October 1st.

Steakhouse 71

We took a look at the menu, the prices and even saw some of the meals that will be served there. Now, as part of a special media event, we finally get to see the living room and dining room and try the food. Come with us and check out the new Steakhouse 71.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will find the modern-looking entrance desk right in front. There is a large glass wall at the back, with a wavy pattern engraved on the glass. Maybe a nod to The Wave … of American Flavors restaurant that was in this space?

Entrance desk

There is a waiting area next to the check-in desk, with comfortable-looking sofas and chairs.

Waiting area

Once registered, you can wait for them to call you back here or in the lounge area behind the glass.

You can hang out here while you wait

The lighting fixtures in this restaurant certainly give us vibes from the 70s (since the restaurant is inspired by the inaugural year of Disney World), but they have a very sleek design.

Spider lights

The lounge area is behind the check-in desk.

Steakhouse 71 Lounge

You do not need reservations to come here and you can even enjoy a cocktail or a snack while you wait for your table to be ready inside the restaurant.

Living room

The living room is a three-sided bar with TVs on and comfortable chairs around.


We spent it in the dining room, which has more of the design of the 70s.

Steakhouse Dining Room 71

There are options for round tables …


… square tables …

Square tables

… or huts in the dining room.


The tables are simply set up with black folded napkins, forks, knives and votive candles. The rug has a modern geometric pattern (and a bit dizzying if you look at it too long) with shades of green and white.


On the walls, you can see modern-style Disney World-themed art, including EPCOT-inspired paintings …

Work of art

… and the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom artwork

Geometric shapes form landmarks of Disney, such as Cinderella Castle and Walt Disney World Train. Take a good look at the train …


… and you can see a hidden design by Mickey!

Mickey hidden!

Other works of art included paintings depicting Tomorrowland attractions of the Magical Kingdom.

Space Mountain attraction

There was art with a Space Mountain theme …

Space Mountain

… and some representing PeopleMover and Tomorrowland Speedway cars.

PeopleMover Art

We headed down the dining room to our table …

dining room

… and I took a look at the menu.

Steakhouse Menu 71

The media event was for lunch at Steakhouse 71. On the menu, we found special non-alcoholic drinks, special cocktails and draft beer.

Drinks menu

For lunch, there was one various snacks and starters to choose from.

Food menu

We started with some drinks, including the Vodka Gimlet, which is Tito vodka, green chartreuse, seed seed garden, lime juice, simple syrup and lemonade Minute Maid Premium.

We also tried the Raspberry Gin Sour, which is made of Tanqueray No Ten Gin, lemon juice and raspberry sage syrup.

We also took the Shared cocktail Tequila Sunrise, which is Tequila Reposado Horseshoe, POG juice, simple rosemary syrup and homemade grenadine.

Sorbet punch

Finally, we tried the Fig Manhattan, that has Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, Cointreau Noir, simple syrup of figs and bitter orange.

Fig Manhattan

We tried the special non-alcoholic drinks menu Cold Brew & Tonic, which is cold coffee, maple, vanilla syrup and tonic water from Joffrey.

Cold Brew and Tonic

Before our snacks, we had a blackboard with of the huge rolls

… and some amazing ones themed butter!

Steakhouse 71 Butter

Outside of the snack menu, we tried the French onion soup.

French onion soup

The soup was rich beef broth, croutons and au gratin cheese.

We also tried the Bacon and eggs, which was a classic of the Wave restaurant that was also there before.

Bacon and eggs

The dish has mpork belly lacquered with apples, smoked cheese grain and a perfect egg.

We also needed something healthy, so we tried it Caesar salad with fork and knife, that has Caesar dressing, croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Cesar salad

Finally, we got the Steakhouse 71 Onion rings, which are plastered by hand with a spicy ranch spicy sauce.

Onion rings

Do you think we’ve had enough to eat? We didn’t even look at the entrees.

For our starters, we tried the Grilled gourmet cheese, which is Toasted Brioche bread, Gruyère cheese, smoked Gouda, crushed pork belly, caramelized onion jam and arugula.

Grilled gourmet cheese

It is offered with your choice small wedge salad, french fries or pasta salad.

A closer look

The next was the Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger, which is a exclusive beef blend, American cheese, lemon aioli, red onion and homemade pickles on a brioche bread. It is served with a small wedge salad, french fries or pasta salad.

Stack Burger

We also tried the Steak “Frites” which is Hangar steak, garlic-parmesan waffle potatoes, with chimichurri and truffle aioli sauces.

Steak “Frites”

We checked the Crab cake slides then they have crab cakes, Old Bay Rémoulade, tomato and pickled slaw in one brioche bun.

Crab cake slides

They are also served with a small wedge salad, french fries or a pasta salad.

Crab cake slides

The next was the Sandwich Prime Rib, which is grated rib, caramelized onion, herbal aioli, Provolone cheese, arugula and horseradish cream. They are also served with a small wedge salad, french fries or pasta salad.

Sandwich Prime Rib

The last dish we tried was the “Wellington” vegetable

This dish has mushroom showers and roasted artichokes on the fire wrapped inside puff pastry, with Romesco and Brussels sprouts.

Inside the Wellington Vegetable

What a meal !!

Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert! Here’s a look at the menu.

Dessert menu

We tried one of each! He Steakhouse Chocolate Cake 71 is fifteen layers of chocolate cake with whiskey infusionei chocolate mousse, garnished with raspberry.

Steakhouse Chocolate Cake 71

It’s a massive slice of cake and you can definitely share it on the table.

Then we tried the Creme brulee, which is cream with layers of vanilla and chocolate topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Creme brulee

He Ambrosia dessert is a coconut chiffon cake, topped with tangerine curd and compressed pineapple.


And last but not least is the Apple Tart Tatin, which is caramelized Apples Granny Smith on top of puff pastry, served with blackberry ice cream.

Apple Tart Tatin

And that ends our meal at Steakhouse 71. You can now make reservations and the restaurant officially opens on October 1 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We will be back with a full lunch review today !!! So stay tuned. Follow DFB, because we’ll keep you posted on all the Disney World updates throughout the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Click here to see the menu at Steakhouse 71

Which item would you try first at Steakhouse 71? Let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: In almost all circumstances, Disney Food Blog writers and photographers pay the full price for their own travel, hotel, food, drink, and event tickets. We do this because it is important for us, as journalists, to make sure not only that we give you unbiased opinions, but also that you can trust us because we do it as we pay our own way. On rare occasions, when a company invites us to attend a preview as a means of communication and when we decide to accept this invitation, we will always make your readers aware of this situation. Today, Disney World has invited us to attend the preview of Steakhouse 71 in the media. Please note that when we attend events as a media, 1) we must not review this event / meal on any of our channels and 2) we must not review this event / meal favorably. You can always count on DFB to give you a 100% unbiased and honest review of any event we attend, food or drink we drink. You can see more in our Disclosure Policy. Thanks for reading. – AJ

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