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Pod Historically, podcasting has been a one-way street: producers release shows and listen to their audiences. But podcasting has the potential to be a community-building medium and at Spotify we believe there could be more to the story.

To achieve this community, producers and listeners need channels through which they can connect directly to the content and to each other. Today, just in time for International Podcast Day, Spotify and Anchor are strengthening the new power to help creators and listeners interact more deeply: Q&A and voting.

These interactive enhancements will make it easier for listeners to listen to the people behind their favorite podcasts and the creators to listen directly to Spotify from their fans and listeners. Q&A allows listeners to answer short questions posed by the show’s creators on the Podcast episode page on the Spotify app. As of today, these features are available to all anchor makers and Spotify listeners in 160 markets around the world.

When we talked about this development Stream on in February, We were testing Q&A with a select group of manufacturers. Since then, thousands of manufacturers have expressed interest in gaining access to these features. In the experiment, we found that the producers used questions and polls in a variety of ways: to get advice for future guests, to gather feedback on topic choices and formats, and to create fun gammfics that listeners come back to listen to.

“We tried to create an engaged community of film lovers,” he said Michael Money, Host Out of screenplay. “All of Spotify’s features were absolutely incredible in bringing our audience closer together. The poll feature, in particular, is really helping us create future episodes of the show.

Here’s how it works:

If a producer chooses to post a question or survey for a specific episode, listeners will find the question at the bottom of the episode page from their Spotify mobile app (whether iOS or Android). Depending on whether the creator has selected an open-ended quiz or a poll, listeners can follow the in-app response prompt.

After responding to a survey, listeners will then see how the entire audience of respondents voted and how their answers were submitted. For Q&A, listener feedback will be delivered in person to the creator. Developers can select and pin specific featured responses that will appear publicly at the bottom of the question (displaying the respondent’s Spotify username). For details on how features work for manufacturers, check out Anchor’s blog post.

We believe the future of podcasting is interactive. For a long time, podcasting has been hampered by one-sided technology and lack of format innovation. By directly creating interactive functionality at our creation platform, Anchor, we are able to break this mold and use it more uniquely for audio.

In addition to live podcast interactivity like Q&A and voting, we’re creating a suite of products that create a complete experience for creating and listening to audio. Music + talk Content format, recently launched Podcast subscription feature. We continue to create tools for how audiences engage with shows – and to give creators greater control over their content.

Ready to dive right in and celebrate International Podcast Day? We’re working with you to find the perfect show for you. “Find one“Personalized quiz. Answer a few questions, and help us find your perfect podcast match.

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