‘Squid Game’ Season 2: Netflix renewal status and we know so far

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Took the whole world by storm, Squid game One of Netflix’s most successful original to be released so far and is easily the most popular South Korean title to land on the platform, even with improved performance. Kingdom. Its a great success Squid game This came as a surprise to many, including Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s own chief content officer. That being said, we’re still waiting for any updates, but we’ll keep an eye on everything you need to know. Squid game Season 2.

Written and directed by Huang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game is a South Korean Netflix original thriller series and one of the most popular titles we’ve seen from the country. Kingdom And Crash landing on you.

The series is an achievement of Netflix’s growing investment in South Korea, which has seen hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Korean movies and television shows.

Netflix has renewed Squid game For the second season?

Official Netflix Update Status: Pending (Last Updated: 30/09/2021)

We fully expected Squid game To be popular, but we didn’t expect the series to become a global phenomenon that has recently found itself. According to the report, gathering millions of viewers around the world, Squid game Netflix is ​​currently on its way to becoming the most watched main series and could beat the likes. Lupine And Bridgeton.

But how did it affect the second season renewal? Very little at this point, due to the fact that Netflix has not yet renewed the South Korean thriller. The streaming service may be somewhat forgiving, as it is currently surpassing the unexpected heights of its viral series.

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s position in Season 2

Its author and director is Huang Dong-hyuk Squid game And arguably the most important cog of the machine for the future of the series on Netflix. Thanks to a recent interview with Variety by Huan Dong-Hyuk, we were given a lot of insight into how the talented Korean filmmaker feels about making a second season. Squid game.

Describe the process of making Squid game As “long and stressful,” Huang Dong-hyuk expressed that he was happy with the show’s success but reluctant to return to it so soon, or rarely to continue the series alone.

Huang Dong-hyuk has a reputation for working on projects alone, and his accomplishments have led the director to great success in his career. However, he revealed that if he returned to the squid game, he would consider a writer’s house and use multiple experienced directors to help him.

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 Hwang Dong Hyuk

Hwang Dong-hyuk on the set of the squid game

A global phenomenon

Given its irresistible success Squid game We’d be shocked if Netflix hadn’t already contacted Huang Dong-huek to discuss possible renewals.

At the time of writing Squid game It is currently in the top 10 list of 83 countries in the world. Out of 83, a total of 80 countries have seen squid games at number one.

What can we expect? Squid game Season 2?

Frontman error?

The mystery of the Games Frontman’s identity is a dramatic and tragic revelation for detective Huang Jun Ho, who is looking for his missing brother. Unable to return any evidence of his game to police, Huang confronted Jun Ho Frontman, who identified himself as Jun Ho’s missing brother, Huang In Ho. Refusing to cooperate with his brother, In-hoke had no choice but to shoot Jun Ho, causing his younger brother to fall off the hill.

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 in Ho

In-ho made the tragic decision to shoot his brother ক copyright. Siren Pictures Inc.

Shocked by his actions, In Ho is horrified by what he did with his brother which could provoke a massive backlash in subsequent games.

As the game’s frontman, In Hock is strategically placed to sabotage the entire operation if he goes against the VIPs.

There is also a chance that Jun Ho survived his fall Squid game Following the characters of the TV cycle who believe that they died off screen, they are not actually dead at all.

Gi-Hon Games Infiltration / Vandalism?

Angered by his time spent in the games, G-hon was on his way to recovery and finally began to move on with his life. But out of fear of G-Hon, he saw the same Games salesman who hired him, trying to recruit new potential Games candidates.

He could not face the game recruiter, but he was able to take the card from the new candidate. Calling the card number, Gi-Hon once again spoke to the frontman to confirm that the organization was still watching him. Refusing to board his plane which would take him to see his daughter, Gi-hon left instead, insisting that he had come out to seek revenge against those responsible.

G-Hon has money, and the motivation for revenge is to get back to the people responsible for the games. Technically, Gi-Hon is not the only survivor, as were the previous winners of the games decades ago. If he finds any sympathetic victims, they may be able to deposit their money together and find a way to infiltrate where the game is played.

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 Gi Hun

Gi-Hon hasn’t finished games yet ক copyright. Siren Pictures Inc.

VIPs have been identified?

So far we’ve only seen one of the game’s VIPs reveal their faces, which is almost proof of June Ho to the original Honda.

Games will not be possible without the support of VIPs, which means that if they can be downloaded, so will the games. Gi-hun, who knows about the existence of VIPs, thanked Il Nam that the games were just a form of escape for him and his rich friends. If G-Hun knows who Il Nam is doing business with, then G-Hun may be able to target them.

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 Vips

Who are the VIPs? – Copyright. Siren Pictures Inc.

We can expect to see when Squid game Season 2 on Netflix?

In light of the comments made by Huang Dong-hyuk, we are probably a year away from seeing its second season. Squid game On Netflix.

As we mentioned above, the director is reluctant to come back Squid game Without the help of experienced managers and a beautiful writing room. But, he is also reluctant to return to the series, when he plans to bring back feature films that worked like KO Club (Killing Old Men’s Club), which he is currently drafting and laying the groundwork for as a generational warrior.

Even with help, we’re probably a few years away from the second second Squid game On Netflix.

Want to see its second season? Squid game On Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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