1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class: Meet Forrest Bahruth

Last week we introduced you to the 1971 Class, the cast members celebrating 50 years of service alongside the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort. Today we would like to introduce you to one of these inspiring cast members: Forrest.

Forrest Bahruth has spent his entire career at Disney Live Entertainment. He was here for many of the most historic and memorable moments in the history of The Walt Disney Company, marking a true dedication to dreaming, inspiring and creating a world of entertainment and magic.

In 1968, Forrest was hired as a consultant choreographer at Disneyland Resort to help bring the first major stage show to life in the park. Shortly after his success, he was asked to choreograph the inauguration of the 1971 Great Dedication at Walt Disney World. That’s when he officially became a member of the Disney cast.

For the past 50 years, Forrest has directed and choreographed thousands of Disney Live Entertainment shows around the world. From parades, castle shows and nightly shows to marketing visits, dedications and television specials; if you have a favorite Disney Parks show, Forrest would probably be involved.

Earlier this year, Forrest was recognized by his co-stars and leaders with a 50-year service celebration at Magic Kingdom. The event included the presentation of the 50-year-old Forrest Service Award statue, featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Along with Forrest leaders and collaborators, Walt Disney World ambassadors Stephen and Raevon were also there to participate in the celebration and recognition.

Forrest celebrates 50 years in Magic Kingdom

“In 1923, Walt Disney founded this company,” Stephen said. “If you do the math, he spent 43 years of his life building Disney. What is special today is that we can celebrate a cast member who has surpassed this milestone. Today we celebrate Forrest, who has had the privilege and honor of serving The Walt Disney Company for 50 years. ”

As we celebrate our 50th anniversaryth Walt Disney World Resort’s anniversary today, the curtain closes on Forrest’s Disney career. This morning he has spent his last day working at the Magic Kingdom Park, taking the magic as a cast member for the last time and taking a selfie after watching the new 50th anniversary Let the Magic begin the welcome program at the scene of Cinderella Castle. As the show’s director, Forrest played an important role in bringing the show to life by helping with rehearsals and staging before his debut this morning.

Forrest in Magic Kingdom

“Time passes very quickly when you participate in the creation of Disney magic,” Forrest said. “He still has the same energy as 50 years ago. I love Disney, the guests and my co-stars. “

When asked what he will miss the most, Forrest said it was the love and admiration the cast members have for each other and for the guests.

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