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For some people, nothing says holiday like a big, juicy steak. Not surprisingly, Disney has this topic covered, with seven restaurants on the property offering indulgent cuts of meat served with meat sides. Here is a summary of all the options to help you decide where to eat.

Note: Reservations are recommended for all of these locations.

Cute cellar fillet

The cellar

    • Location: EPCOT, Canada Pavilion
    • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 87%
    • Price Range: Tickets range from $ 34 to $ 59
    • Highlights: Le Cellier ‘s cheddar cheese soup is the it is no longer ultra of the genre

Your business is if you want to eat cheese soup when it comes out at 95 degrees. The shared charcuterie board comes with a candle made of beef tallow so you can drip some extra fat into your (by the way, delicious) meats and cheeses. Our steak is always cooked perfectly.

  • Notes: Le Cellier is the only restaurant on this list located within a theme park. To dine here, you’ll need to have a park entrance ticket and an EPCOT ticket (or a Park Hopper ticket). The dining room is dark and dungeon; this place has little atmosphere. The mac and cheese dish is worth it.

Shula’s Steakhouse

  • Location: Dolphin resort
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 87% positive
  • Price Range: Tickets range from $ 34 to $ 69
  • Menu Highlights: The 22 oz ribeye cowboy or 24 oz goalie could be shared by two or you could conquer the dish on your own.
  • Notes: Shula’s is a small chain. If you live near one of the other locations, you can choose to eat at home and instead eat at a more exclusive Disney location. Crab cakes are not officially part of the snack menu, but sometimes we split the crab entree as a first course.

STK Orlando

  • Location: Disney Springs
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 71% positive
  • Price range: Tickets from $ 44 to $ 152
  • Menu Highlights: There is a steak option for every appetite, from a small 6 oz steak to a 34 oz dry age tomahawk ribeye. Any of the meat options can be topped with a peel of peppercorns, truffle butter, prawns or King Oscar crab, for a supplement. There are also several sauce options (chimichurri, horseradish, etc.) and they all cost more.
  • Notes: STK has more non-steak options here than some of the other chocolate houses on the site. If you eat with a person who does not eat beef, it may be more appealing to them than some of the other options. This 71% approval rating places STK at number 96 out of 99 restaurants that our readers have reviewed. It’s not that the food is bad, but most feel it’s not worth the money. STK is also part of the chain. Here’s another case where your time will probably be better spent on a more Disney experience.
First rib of Yachtsman Steakhouse

Yachtsman Steakhouse

  • Location: Nautical Club resort
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 89% positive
  • Price Range: Tickets range from $ 36 to $ 139
  • Menu highlights: We love most non-seafood snacks and all desserts. Beef starters have had recent problems with temperature, which is unacceptable at the moment. Bread, salad, drinks and sweets are divine.
  • Notes: The relatively high rating is based primarily on reviews prior to COVID (Yachtsman was closed for more than a year). Since the reopening we have had dull experiences, but we have high hopes that better days await us.


  • Hotel Area: Coronado Springs Station
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 82% positive
  • Price range: $ 28 to $ 89 tickets
  • Highlights of the menu: Toledo offers traditional cuisine such as rib eye for two, marinated perch fillet and steak, along with classic side dish options such as roasted cauliflower and mashed potatoes with olive oil (also called mashed potatoes), but if you want to skip the meat puree, you can make a meal with tapas-style starters.
  • Notes: This is one of the few Disney steak sites that seems to treat kids like something later. Kids can create their own dishes from a selection of five main courses and eight meats.
Surf and lawn at The Boathouse

The Boathouse

  • Location: Disney Springs
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: 94% positive
  • Price range: Tickets from 18 to 55 USD
  • Menu highlights: In recent months we’ve had some great New York steak fillets and strips. You can top the fillet with a full lobster tail or, if you feel antisocial, cover it with a toasted garlic clove.
  • Notes: With the name “Boathouse”, you would be right to assume that this location is about both seafood and steak. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the amphicar stand and take a boat ride in a car; there is often a discount for Boathouse diners. Brunch is an option here as well as dinner.

Steakhouse 71

  • Location: contemporary complex
  • TouringPlans reader quality rating: TBD
  • Price Range: Tickets range from $ 24 to $ 38
  • Menu Highlights: There doesn’t seem to be that many cow options for two people, which is probably good. Basic sides and sauces are included in the price here, which is not the case with most Disney grills.
  • Notes: Steakhouse 71 opened on October 1st. Stay tuned for a full review.

Where is the best steak you’ve had at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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