Billy August Netflix movie ‘Ehrengard’: What we know so far

In an effort to expand its European library, Netflix is ​​teaming up with Danish Oscar-winning director Billy August to produce the feature film. Guard of honor For streamers. Guard of honor An adaptation of Karen Blixen’s novel of the same name.

The most notable thing about this new Netflix product is this Margaret II, Queen of Denmark He is involved in this production because he is designing the set for filming. 1 Since 1970, the Queen has been actively involved in various artistic methods of expression: painting, church textiles, watercolors, prints, book illustrations, decoupage works, landscapes and embroidery. She is an honorary member of the Association of Danish Cinematographers for many years working as a set designer in Danish film, television and theater.

Queen Margaret II spoke about working on this project:

“Karen Blixen’s stories have always fascinated me, their aesthetic stories, their imagination and theirs, to me, the world of painting এবং and I’m glad to be a part of this project. You can feel that the author was a visual artist like HC Anderson. But Ehrengaard is one of Karen Blixen’s fascinating female characters, and one of the few whose story ends happily. How will the puzzle be solved? I’ve tried to explain Blixen’s great universe in decoupage and costume making, and I’m looking forward to Ehrengrad’s story coming to life in this film. “

There’s also a picture of the Queen working with director Billy August:

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Director Billy August and Queen Margaret II of Denmark

Billy August, director says:

“It’s a great opportunity to see Ehrengard as a Netflix movie – and I’m really looking forward to presenting this fascinating story of temptation and desire to a global audience.” The Queen has created the most gorgeous decoupages for the occasion, and they will be an influential feature of the overall visual expression of the film. “Fantastic” (in the most literal sense) is our starting point for film; We want to create a devil-may-care, naughty, fictional and autonomous visual universe using humor and elegance.

Lina Brownius, Director Co-Production and Acquisition of EMEA at Netflix:

“I am proud and thrilled to be able to bring Ehrenguard to life on Netflix. With such a strong creative team at Billy August and Anders August, our close partner SF Studios combining extraordinary decopages of Queen Margaret II, I am confident that this timeless story will be as epic and captivating as Karen Blixen’s masterpiece. 1962. ”

The project has been created over the past decade by Jacob Jগrgensen and JJ Films with Anders August (A lucky man, follow the meaning, The Pig) Script writing. SF’s Marcella Ditchman is producing. Here’s what we know about Netflix Guard of honor.

What’s the plot? Guard of honor?

Netflix’s Guard of honor Baroness is based on Karen Blixen’s novel of the same name, which was published posthumously after her death in 1963.

The novel is set in the fairytale realm of Babenhausen, where a young, self-appointed expert on love, Kajote, is hired by the conspiratorial Grand Duchess to help him secure an inheritance. In search of a suitable future princess, Kazot teaches the cowardly and introverted Crown Prince the art of temptation and love. But their plan soon failed, when an heir tied the knot and the royal family had to take refuge in the Rosenbad castle. Here, intimately involved in their plans as rivals to the royal family, Kazote falls in love with Ehrengard, the maid of honor herself, and gradually learns that she is not really an expert on love.

Who is cast Guard of honor?

Netflix has not announced the cast Guard of honor According to October 2021

What is the state of its production Guard of honor?

Netflix’s Guard of honor August 2021 is in the pre-production stage, and cook Margaret is already designing the sets, seeing things and filming will begin soon.

What is the Netflix release date for? Guard of honor?

Netflix has officially confirmed Guard of honor One of the films released in 2023 in his press release.

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