‘Ganglands’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel the French Series?

Ganglands / Robbers: Series – Photo: Netflix

New series outside of France Ganglands Or as it is known in its native country, Robber: Series It has been gaining popularity since its release on Netflix in September 2021, but will return in its second season.

The new French crime drama series published on Netflix worldwide on September 24th is deeply involved in a battle between a robber and his apprentice law and drug dealers. The episode was released as part of the first episode.

Ganglands It comes from producers Hamid Hilliwa and Julien Leclerc who are no strangers to Netflix. Hlioua has worked as a writer on the canceled Netflix series La Revolution And Leclerc gave his writing skills to Netflix’s French thriller movie Sentinel.

How well is Ganglands performing on Netflix?

There are no official viewing statistics yet but using the top 10 data from FlixPatrol, we can see the series was a #show show around the world until September 40, 2021. Squid game, Sex education, And Midnight mass.

The series has split into the top ten like the United States and the United Kingdom. It is also performing well in its home country France at # 3.

Ganglands Netflix

Will Ganglands have a Season 2?

Official renewal status: Not Updated Yet (Last Updated: October 1, 2021)

Of course, the series leaves a lot of remaining questions with the conclusion of the first episode of the very second season. After all, Medhi is now fleeing with the young thief.

What are the French outlets saying about the second season of Ganglands? They are usually optimistic.

According to Premier.FR, Julian Leclerc, the screenwriter of the series told them (translated from French):

“We have a lot of ideas. Many things are possible. We’re thinking about it … “

Like all Netflix renewals, we’ll probably have to wait a month or two after Netflix’s initial release to gather information on whether the second season will be Greenlight.

That’s all we have for now, we’ll keep you posted on any updates for future seasons. Netflix’s French social account.

What do you want to see Ganglands Complete or continue his story with season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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