PHOTOS AND VIDEO: We are at the 50th anniversary of Disney World: this is how it is!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Disney World and we head to the parks and resorts to celebrate.

Mickey and Minnie statues

Disney World is doing everything for its parties with entertainment throughout the park, and treats so much month. And of course, we’ll take you with us for it all! So get ready for a day full of exciting details, because we go everywhere for the 50th anniversary of Disney World; let’s go to the parks.

Magic Kingdom


We successfully arrived at Magic Kingdom around 7:15 AM and there were already quite a few people at the entrance. But, we were still able to get through pretty quickly and grabbed one NEW map of the memorial park!

Map of the 50th anniversary park.

The park had not yet officially opened when we arrived, so Disney kept guests on Main Street in the United States until all the land opened at 7:30 a.m. And, as you might imagine, that meant there were MANY people on Main Street.

The crowds spread to Cinderella Castle, filling the hub area …

Main Street, USA Morning Crowds

… and to the park entrance.

Main Street, USA Morning Crowds

But, Mickey and Minnie soon went out to Cinderella Castle to welcome Magic Kingdom for that day.


Once the clock struck 7:30 AM (which is when early entry to the theme park begins), all the land was opened and guests began to disperse throughout the park.

Fantasyland Morning Crowds

But, many people still stayed on Main Street, in the United States, to get the latest version of products and snacks. In fact, the line of the castle popcorn cart was up to the entrance of Tomorrowland.

Line for the popcorn cart of the castle

Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Things were a little less crowded at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when the rope fell. The park was supposed to open at 8:00, so we arrived around 7:30 am and found that there was no line to scan the MagicBands in the park.

Crowd of the Animal Kingdom

And, like Magic Kingdom, we saw a NEW map of the park to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

New map of Animal Kingdom park

We then went to the main area of ​​the park and that was where we met the first crowd sign.

Morning crowd of the animal kingdom

And more people kept coming.

Of course, we have a lot more to explore and will update this post throughout the day, so be sure to check back often. And, stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news and updates.

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Are you going to Disney World for your 50th birthday? Let us know in the comments below.

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