PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Cinderella Castle has night lighting for Disney World’s anniversary

We’ve already seen a lot of changes at Disney World for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Cinderella Castle

There are new statues of golden characters and 50 decorations everywhere you turn. At the center of it all, the icon of each park is becoming a “magic beacon”. We have already seen the magnificent transformation at EPCOT and now we can finally bring you photos of the nocturnal transformation of Cinderella Castle!

The castle has already achieved a 50th anniversary makeover, with banners on the walls, gold ribbons around the towers and a large “50” logo throughout the day.

Cinderella Castle

But the nocturnal transformation is becoming a whole. others. level. The additional dose of pixie powder came in the form of purple, blue, and pink projections in the castle.

The castle looks beautiful for its new colors and all the extra construction they did on the castle matches the projections perfectly.


Every night you can enjoy the castle with magnificent EARidescent colors.

Absolutely EARidescent!

We are very excited to see what is in store for all the icons of the park on the big day tomorrow.

We love it!

As we see the new Beacons of Magic, we’ll continue to share them with you. Last night we experienced the glow of the Earth spacecraft becoming a beacon of magic.

The Earth spacecraft is illuminated during the 50s!

We didn’t think we could love Disney park icons more than we already do … but these makeovers are really impressive. Keep following AllEars for more updates on the 50th anniversary at Disney World.

Click here to see the transformation of the EPCOT spacecraft

What icon makeover is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments.

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Disney invited us to attend the preview of Disney Enchantment and the Lighthouse of Magic. This did not affect our news of the event: our opinions are ours

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