PHOTOS AND VIDEOS! FIRST LOOK at Disney Kingdom’s NEW Disney Fireworks.

Is there anything better than the new fireworks at Disney World?

Magic Kingdom

Yes, it sure was hard to say goodbye Happy forever a few days ago, but we got a TOTALLY NEW show with Disney Enchantment debuting in Magic Kingdom. Of course, we made sure to get a good view of the new program for its DEBUT media and now we take you to see it.

Disney Enchantment is the new Magic Kingdom fireworks castle that opens in honor of Disney World 50th Anniversary and it has made us very excited to see it. The functions of the show new fireworks, new projections stretching down Main Street, USA, I a new score!

Cinderella Castle

Well, gird up, because we have to see it for the first time! First, guests were able to see a performance by Christina Aguilera!

After a re-dedication by Bob Chapek and Bob Iger, it was time to start the show. Disney Enchantment starts with the new song, “You Are the Magic” and then get into a series of some of our favorite Disney songs.

The music is, of course, accompanied by spectacular fireworks.

Disney Enchantment

And, for the first time, screenings along Main Street, USA

Screenings on the main street! © Disney

We even glimpsed … wait … that’s it Mickey hidden ?!

Hidden Mickey sighting!

Here’s a look at “We Know the Way” from Moana!

Another look at some amazing fireworks …

Disney Enchantment

… and here you have “Be our guest!”

The new look of the 50th anniversary of Cinderella Castle is wonderful with the artificial colors.

Disney Enchantment

It’s just dazzling to see!

Disney Enchantment

There was even a nice section of Alice in Wonderland with designs by Mary Blair!

Alice in Wonderland scene with designs by Mary Blair!

Wow! It’s amazing to think we’ve got TWO new fireworks shows at Disney World!

Disney Enchantment

He had a difficult act to follow Happy forever, but we have to say it Disney Enchantment it was pretty damn good.

Disney Enchantment

We even saw it bell climbing above Magic Kingdom!

We’ll be offering you a TON of coverage of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations, so stay tuned to DFB for allllll you need to know.

Want to learn more about the new Enchantment song? Click here!

What do you think of Disney Enchantment? Tell us in the comments!

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