PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: First look at the Disney Disney Enchantment fireworks in Magic Kingdom

It’s time to celebrate the 50th anniversary, there are only hours left and we look forward to showing you EVERYTHING Disney World has to offer to celebrate the special celebration.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek are once again dedicating Disney World for their 50th anniversary

After a long day at the park, we ended the day with the first display of the new Disney Enchantment fireworks and screenings from Main Street, USA! We have already seen that the fireworks tests took place after school hours, that we took a look at the castle projection and that we have listened to some of the music that will be played during the show. But FINALLY, we take you with us to see his debut!

The fireworks will start at From 21:00 from 1 to 4 October before switching to one Start time from 8 pm from 5 to 16 October. Today we were able to see a special preview of the show.

The show began with performances of “Almost There” by The princess and the frog, “Just Around the Riverbend” by Pocahontas, and “We Know the Way” by Moana accompanied by magnificent projections and fantastic fireworks!

Disney Enchantment

The next one was a beautiful one Soul– inspired piano section, followed by “Be Our Guest” by Beauty and the Beast and “Under the Sea” by The Little Mermaid!

Then there were fun sections inspired by “You Have a Friend in Me” by Toy Story, “Whole New World” by Aladdin, and “You can fly” from Peter Pan!

It was beautiful!

“In unknown” of Frozen II it was one of the highlights of the show and stole the show.

There was also a Chernabog-inspired “Night On Bald Mountain” section Fantasy, followed by an interpretation of “I Am Moana” by Moana!

Finally, the show ended with a magnificent ending that ended the show with an explosion.

We are very excited to welcome the new fireworks in the Magic Kingdom. And for sure, we’ll take a look at everything that happens at Disney World during its 50th anniversary.

Click here to see the special dedication that happened before Disney Enchantment

When is your next trip to Disney World? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclosure: Disney invited us to attend Disney Enchantment. This did not affect our news of the event: our opinions are ours.

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