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PRS Foundation Supported by Spotify Kovid-1 Music Music Relief Project. Spotify is donating to this and all of the organizations listed, and the page linked above will match the ারের 10 million total contribution to the dollar-for-dollar public grant.

The PRS Foundation has been instrumental in supporting lyricists, composers, artists and performers across the UK since 2000 – and there is much to be proud of. “We have already funded seven of the 12 nominees for the Album of the Year at last year’s Mercury Prize,” said CEO Joe Frankland. The Arts Council England and other music-industry partnerships have helped raise the profile of artists such as artists. Sam Fender, Socks Boyd, And Nubia Garcia, Such as when seeking advice from top music professionals Giles Peterson, Floating point, And Four Tate.

But in the midst of their 20th anniversary celebrations, the charity had to change gears quickly. Faced with an unprecedented Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, the foundation has had to rely more on public donations than ever before. Fortunately, they saw an overwhelming response. In March, he founded the charity, along with PRS, for music PRS Emergency Relief Fund, Which in its first phase has handed over over 1.2 million to more than 2,000 lyricists and composers. On April 2, the Foundation leads a 24-hour virtual gig featuring over 50 performances by artists. Tom Walker, Katie Tonstall, And Linda Perry, And wonderful appearance by icons like Gary Numan And Peter Gabriel. This one-day event has helped PRS fundraising efforts exceed £ 2 million.

Hold on to creativity

In addition to providing emergency financial support to PRS for members of music, the Foundation is focusing on their best work: supporting the creative endeavors of artists. “With Spotify, we were able to set up a new fund Sustainable creativity fundingWhich provides timely support of ৫ 50 to UK-based talent. Your career. We want artists, lyricists and composers to be able to write, collaborate and be creative during this lockdown. “Opportunities for cooperation.

For artists like Hailey Harland, it’s already life-saving TYGERMYLK. “The first few weeks of the lockdown were really scary financially. As an immunocompromised person, I can’t get a job in any other field, let me do my own shopping, ”Harland explained. “Being rewarded with the Sustaining Creativity Fund means I’ve been able to stop running erratically trying to figure out how I’m going to pay the next bill and go back to my little home studio and start building again. Now I have an EP on my way, ”he says.

The Foundation also ensures that all of their existing and future grantees are in a better place financially and creatively. “Outside of the relief fund, we are continuing each single fund program, and we do not expect significant delays in our deadlines,” Frankland assures. Such an opportunity PPL Momentum Music Fund Where Spotify has been the exclusive digital partner since 2015, and which provides grants of up to 15,000 to help UK-based artists take their careers to the next level কখনও sometimes up to a list of Mercury Prize nominees. Anna Calvi, Black Midi, Little Sims, And others.

When it comes to applying for a PRS Foundation grant, Frankland says that what really counts is the strength of the music and the potential of the artist – not the amount of your followers. “Every application is scored by people who work day and night to develop talent,” says Frankland. “We are a charitable fund; We are not a record label or management company. We are not necessarily looking at numbers or data in the same way. We give listeners the opportunity to use money to build their audience without necessarily expecting them to be already there.

The importance of cooperation

Overall, Frankland is confident that with such funds and resources, artists will find their way through these difficult times. “I am quite optimistic that music artists can adapt easily; They are now quite accustomed to the challenge. Part of our role is to make sure that this transformation is as smooth as possible, ”he said.

What musicians can adapt to right now is to start connecting with each other online. PRS encourages such support through initiatives such as Key-Change, a program that seeks to bring music organizations to a 50:50 gender balance by 2022. we.grow, Which offers peer-to-peer networking and mentoring.

The foundation also works 49 different non-profit organizations Covering artists of every genre in every region of the UK. Most of them are now providing virtual and remote services for Manchester-based music producers. Bright sound, Which provides financial and promotional advice and Bristol-based free online webinars Saffron Records, Which has organized online music production sessions for womxn producers. These are all great ways to stay connected and be inspired. “We at the PRS Foundation are passionate about making sure people are making the best music possible,” says Frankland, “and basically go the other way with a lot of new music.”

How can you apply?

Current lyricists and composer members of PRS for music are automatically eligible for this PRS Emergency Relief Fund. All UK-based music producers can also apply Help Musicians UK Coronavirus Financial Trouble Fund. For all other funding, including the PRS Foundation’s Sustainable Creativity Fund, find full details of each grant and your qualifications here PRS Foundation website. Meanwhile, go Get more information on other hardships and creative funds, as well as many resources that provide support and advice for musicians.

– Stephanie Garr

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