Ahoy, Mateys! A pirate-themed scavenger hunt has returned to Disney World.

We were super excited about various experiences at the park, such as fireworks, nightly shows and more.

The adventure of a pirate

However, Disney World has announced that some interactive elements of the parks are no longer featured, such as Wizards of the Magic Kingdom. And, after concluding this experience, we weren’t sure if other people would return. But, a popular scavenger hunt returns to the Magic Kingdom and you’ll want your crew ready to explore.

A pirate adventure: the treasure of the seven seas has reopened in the Magic Kingdom to welcome pirates (eh, guests) of all ages.

Entrance to The Adventure of a Pirate

When visitors participate, they can explore Adventureland as part of five different pirate raids. The goal is to help Captain Jack defeat Captain Barbossa and the Royal Navy before they find the Treasures of the Seven Seas.

Teams will use a pirate map and a “magic talisman” as they embark on missions that last about 15 minutes each. After everyone discovers clues, there will be physical action such as firing cannons and moving skeletons.


After completing all the missions, the guests will become part of their new crew. buuut, if they don’t, they will have to face the wrath of the cruel sea (yikes)!


A Pirate’s Adventure venue is close to Pirates of the Caribbean and Turtle Tavern. Once you arrive, a cast member will help you set up your missions.

Treasure hunt can be solved

It makes us very excited to see more interactive parts of Disney World return in time for the 50th anniversary. And we’ll be sure to tell you about soon even more entertainment, experiences and more. Stay tuned to All Ears for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

The 50th anniversary cavalcade opens in the Magic Kingdom!

What is your favorite experience at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below.

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