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In this series, we talk to artists about their experience pitching music for playlist consideration through Spotify for Artists (Learn how here), And how landing on them has affected their music careers.

Hailey WhittersNew album, Dreams, Has opened up new avenues for emerging country singers / songwriters, and has even been dubbed as “Nashville’s new unsigned star” Rolling stone. But the album was almost his swan song.

“This was my last attempt to create a record of my choice and trust,” revealed Whiters, who moved from the small town of Iowa to Music City in 200 loved ones.City of ten years, “The album’s opener, he’s a heartthrob to what he’s put into his career.” I’ve spent my 10-, 11-, 12-year years in town, ”he says,“ and I was wondering what my role was in Nashville and if I was supposed to stay here. I gave it up and went on to make this record, ‘If this is the last record I’m going to make, if I’m going to move to Iowa after that, I just want to make something my favorite.’ “

Push playlist

The presence of Whitters in the Spotify playlist can be seen as evidence of both DreamsA contributing factor to its success and its progress; His song “The days“Included in On our radar March playlist. “I knew it was on [Spotify’s] Radar, of course, “says Whitters,” but I’m grateful for the opportunity to playlist the record. “

As an artist aiming for a brass ring without big label support, he saw the first difference in playlist placement on his show. “It’s a really great feeling to come out on stage and see the fans already singing the words to me,” Whitters said.

The attention received from Spotify Playlist exposure has been a significant improvement. Whitters did not miss the impact it had on the direction of his music. He said, “No doubt people just know about me and hear more about me. Playlists, streaming, thanks to the press for all these combinations.”

Coming into his own

Although Whiters is coming out as an actor right now, he’s not new to the music scene. He also took on one of Nashville’s most respected roles: lyricist, and the success of his tune cut by top country stars helped him get on his way. “It’s all a year of crushing, four to five days a week coming out of a year of co-writing, just creating my catalog. I had a cut with me,” he said. Alan Jackson [2017’s ‘The Older I Get‘] And Small big cities [Top 40 country hit ‘Happy People‘] And Martina [McBride, ‘Low All Afternoon‘ and ‘The Real Thing‘ from 2016’s Reckless]. And that started building my street credit. I always think of myself as a lyricist and first of all, but I’ve always liked the performing side of it. “

From the low-key collection Do it slowly Per New Search: CountryThe playlist, which includes Whiters, puts him next to many talented colleagues. So who does he listen to in his own time? “I’m kind of everywhere,” he says. “I’m constantly listening to music. I’m really interested now Phoebe Bridgers; I really love his last record and the single he kept, ‘Garden songs. ‘I love Brent Cobb [whose ‘Loose Strings‘ is on The Dream]; I’m just a huge fan of his songwriting. Laurie McKenna [co-writer of three songs on The Dream]- I am inspired by the music that I create and its artwork. “

Whitters is a storyteller at heart, so listening to one of his songs is like walking into a three-minute novel. And the more mileage they get from the playlist universe, the more viewers become for those stories. This fact is not lost on Whitters. “I get an email whenever I join a playlist,” he says. “I think the way the industry is going, people are able to discover music more generally, and they can just open a Spotify app and listen to someone like me who doesn’t have a record label and radio support, and they can come to a live show as a fan. For an artist like me, it makes my music more accessible to the public. “

Whiters had the opportunity to share some knowledge of his difficult career in the podcast The music industry has survived. He says his best advice for musicians is, “Do what you do best and focus on what you do. Tune in to the noise, tune in to what others are doing; find people who inspire you, who you believe in and who you love.” Believes, and creates from that place. Otherwise you’ll go crazy. “

With Dreams, Has served the Whiters well, holding fast to his faith. “I think it’s very legitimate to see the response to this record in general,” he says. “It’s important to do what you believe in it.” It doesn’t look like he will return to Iowa in the end. “I don’t think any time soon,” he laughs. “Without buying a farmhouse or anything else.”

– Jim Allen

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