One Disney World fireworks show is in capacity and the other is … No.

We weren’t surprised to find large crowds at Magic Kingdom today for the debut of Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Crowd awaiting Disney charm on October 1st

However, we were surprised to see the crowds (or lack thereof!) At another Disney park tonight, and the contrast is striking. Let’s compare!

In Magic Kingdom, Main Street, USA, it is currently filled with thrilled crowds to see Disney Enchantment.

Night crowds waiting for “Disney Enchantment”

In fact, the park has been at its capacity since before today, and people are gearing up for the show this afternoon.

Magic Kingdom this morning

Not long ago, a notice was sent to My Disney Experience where it was said that Main Street, USA, was full and it is recommended to see other places.

© Disney

Meanwhile, at EPCOT, Harmonious barely has people waiting for the show. To be fair, the new show premiered two nights ago, so the comparison is not the same. In addition, Harmonious has a much larger display space for crowds to form.

Crowd waiting for Harmonious

The Norwegian pavilion had a few more people, but EPCOT has no capacity, unlike Magic Kingdom.

Some more people for Norway

Some of these lucky guests enjoy an amazing place for Harmonious so soon after opening, and we’re a little jealous.

Sorry, harmonious

Crowds may recover as the 9:45 p.m. presentation time approaches, but you can check out our video of the EPCOT crowds below.

UPDATE: As the Harmonious exhibition time approached 9:45 p.m., people were noticeably increasing.

It’s getting a little crowded

But if you’re looking for a last minute place in Harmonious, apparently just past the China Pavilion is the place to look! We saw very few people looking from this area.

China is empty!

Still, it looks like Harmonious grew crowded in other areas of the World Showcase, so it totally depends on where you’re watching. It never hurts to keep walking to find a less popular place.

Much busier

Keep reading AllEars for more coverage of Disney World’s 50th anniversary, including Disney Enchantment which premieres tonight.

Why the BEST part of Disney World’s 50th anniversary happens tonight!

Are you surprised by the crowd? Tell us in the comments!

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