PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Why would you want to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom at NIGHT?

Disney World BIG 50th anniversary the celebration is officially underway!

Animal kingdom

The 50th anniversary has brought all sorts of new things to Disney World, including new fireworks shows, new snacks and new products. As part of the 50th anniversary, all of Disney Park’s icons also receive a new special nightly look as they transform into “Beacons of Magic”. Today we head to Animal Kingdom to see what this new night look is like.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Tree of life, the park’s signature icon, is being transformed into a magic beacon with some lights and special night effects.

According to Disney, during this transformation “A warm and glorious light emanates from the Tree of Life, while enchanted skylights gather to call on the magic of nature.”


We were in the park just as the sun was setting to make sure we could capture the effect in all its splendor. As the tree of life becomes a beacon of magic, you’ll hear some ads that talk about nature’s magic, inspiration, and more. At times, you may also hear some of the 50th anniversary music anthem. It seems that part of this narrative is repeated a few times throughout the night, while the effect continues.

After this brief introduction to this magical effect, you will have to sit back and enjoy the glow of how impressive the Tree of Life is. On the leaves and branches you will see effects that make it look like there are flying light bugs.

It’s fantastic!

On the tree itself, you will see beautiful colors project. There are also some rays of light projected through the tree, almost as if the sun was shining through the leaves.

What a beautiful view

The effects remind us in a way of the Tree of the Awakenings of Life that were previously made in this park. The Beacon of Magic effect is more stationary, however, in the sense that there isn’t as much projection as the previous Tree of Life effects.

Nothing like a beautiful view of the tree of life

Still, the effect of these new projections is impressive. Seriously we couldn’t stop taking photos. The tree of life really shines with those bright colors and details that are projected on it.

This new night effect is one of the main reasons why you may want to stop by Animal Kingdom at night. It is worth seeing a watch because the effect is beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful

And this is a look at the new nocturnal look of the Tree of Life for its 50th anniversary. We’ll soon share a look at the Beacon of Magic look of the park icon. Be sure to check back with us for more updates on the 50th anniversary.

What do you think of this new night look? Tell us in the comments.

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