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Since the onset of the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic, Spotify has hired us to discuss how we can support our artists and the creative community across the country who have been deeply affected by the effects of the devastating virus. Although streaming creators continue to play a key role in connecting with their fans, many more sources of revenue have been disrupted or completely shut down due to this crisis.

In an effort to help those in the music community who are most in need, Spotify has contributed to this Musiers, CDC and WHO, and through $ 10 million Spotify Covid-1 Music Relief The project has been joining additional artist support organizations around the world for the past few weeks.

We’ve also realized that in these challenging times, we can uniquely help fundraising artists reach out to Spotify worldwide – to help reach out to fans, many of whom visit Spotify every day. And we’re really inspired by the fans who want to help the artists they like and come up with direct donations.

That’s why, today, Spotify is introducing a new feature for artists: Artist Fundraising. As artists can select any part of the music to highlight as an artist selection in their profile, they can now highlight a fundraising destination (in addition to their artist selection).

First and foremost, this feature enables artists who are interested in raising money to support themselves, their bands or their crew, to get the word out to their fans on their Spotify artist profile. We have a strong group of early fundraising partners: artists can choose to add a link to the Cash app, GoFundMe and

We are particularly excited about our partnership Cash app, As they have established a generous 1 million relief effort for artists during this challenging time. Spotify for artist users who submit their “asht cashtag” username to their artist fundraiser – and secure at least one contribution of any size through Spotify – will receive an additional $ 100 in cash on their account, up to a total contribution of 1 million Has been kept. This effort is available to artists in the United States and the United Kingdom, but Spotify audiences around the world can still contribute through the Cash app. (Update 05/04: Thousands of fans have already supported 10,000 artists on Spotify via the Cash app alone, and as a result, their additional $ 1 million USD contribution for artists has reached full.)

We have also created fundraising options for artists to raise funds for an initiative to help those most affected in the music industry. Artists can choose any one Verified organization Participate in Spotify Covid-1 Music Relief Project.

Artists from around the world and at different stages of their careers are working with us to help start raising artist funds. For example:

Tire Pope Fundraising through the Cash app: “I’ve been using the Cash app to raise money for a while but now that listeners can contribute via Spotify, it’s going to make a big difference. It’s impossible to travel now, it’s never been harder for artists Yes, so additional contributions from the Cash app and the audience will really help when we need it most. “

Boy Scouts Fundraising is also being done through the Cash app: “Now, like many others, I’m out of work because our tour has been canceled or postponed because of Covid-1. Any help is appreciated as we continue our efforts to find new ways.” . ”

Benjamin Ingroso Funds are raised for Musicians Association: “I want to be as helpful as I can in this difficult time. I have seen my fellow musicians lose their jobs because of the current situation. Many of us don’t know when we will be able to go back to work. Music is something that always helps us in such a difficult time. “Stay with us to celebrate the happy moments. I hope this fundraiser for Musikerförbundet will help us go through it and get back on stage, when it’s all over, to bring joy to people again through live music.”

Marshmallow Funds are raised for Musiers: “Many of us have been affected by the Covid-1 virus, and now more than ever we need to stand together and help each other. MusiCares is helping all working musicians, producers, songwriters, engineers and many more. Let’s do our part to help everyone in need! ”

For artists, Spotify admin users can select “Start” in the banner at the top of their dashboard to raise funds. Visit us Best practice guide It is up to you to raise funds for more details on how this works: you are for yourself, your crew, a charitable partner – as long as it fits us Security policy.

Spotify admins for artists will see a blue promotional banner at the top of their dashboard - submit a link to your fundraiser

For artists, Spotify admins will see a blue promotional banner at the top of their dashboard – click “Start” to submit a link to your fundraiser. Any payment is on a third party site, and Spotify does not in any way take part in the transaction.

Given the urgency and impact of the Covid-1 crisis, we are working as fast as we can to develop this new product and reach out to artists as soon as possible. However, we have never created such a fundraising feature before. We consider this the first version that will be developed when we learn how to make it as helpful as possible for the music community.

This is an incredibly difficult time for many Spotify users and people around the world – and there are many good reasons to support it. With this feature, we only hope that those who have this interest and way will be able to support artists in this great need and create another opportunity for us. Kovid-1 Music Music Relief Partner Finding the financial support they need to continue working in music and lift our industry.

– Spotify for artists

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