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Whether writing songs, making records, or jamming as a band, the most successful music usually depends on collaboration at some point; No artist island. But if you don’t live in a densely populated area with a wide music scene, or you still don’t get involved with your local music community or you don’t have a record deal, it can be hard to know where to look for the right people to make your projects a success. Find out.

Soundbetter Making these connections is easy every day. A groundbreaking market for musicians, Soundbater:Recently acquired by SpotifyMusic professionals help find each other. If your project needs a top-level producer or session musician or vocalist to realize your vision, Soundbater will help you discover and hire the perfect person. And conversely, if you’re one of those people – an instrumentalist or a master engineer or any other expert who works magic in music – Soundbater gives creators a way to find what you need.

Making music

Producer in New York City Bottle Has created a soundbatter profile with the goal of making music his full-time gig. “I signed up with a dual purpose,” Shishi says: finding artists to contribute to his own project, and offering his services to others. He had records that were ready for voices, and was searching the site to deliver them – and he had a specific word in mind.

Enter the Miami-based musician Daramola, Who heard about Soundbetter in 2016 from a friend. “I needed a way to make money doing what I liked,” he said, adding that although he went to school for business, he always felt that music was his way. So he created a soundbetter profile, a wide net. “At first, I was just going there, ‘Hey, I’m a producer / singer / songwriter. If you have hooks and these, just reach out to me. ‘”And people did it.

Shishi finds Daramola on the soundbetter and texts him. “I sent him this beat and he just did an incredible job,” Shishi says. “He came back to me very quickly and he was extremely professional. It was a fresh change from what I had felt before.”

The two quickly became collaborators, finding each other what they were missing in their personal project. Shirshi lights the lamp only by mentioning the name of Daramola. “He’s like my brother now,” he says.

“The vial was trying to make a sound,” Daramola says. “The bottle is Indian, but he wanted to mix his roots with my Afrobit, because [the style] That’s when the pop started. We connected through the soundbetter, and I was like, ‘Dude, I can do this for you.’ “[Daramola’s] The roots of Nigeria really come in his voice and style. It has been really nice to blend in with my Indian roots, ”he commented.

The two have completed several tracks together, including “Give me love, ”Which became a successful track and eventually landed on five official Spotify playlists. Last year, after meeting in Miami to record a music video, the two performed at Terminal 5 in New York City. A crowd of 2,000 people. Coming this way in such a short time, Shishi and Daramola have created incredible success stories together. “We realized how equal we were as human beings,” Shishi said of their meeting on Soundbater. “Now, we are such good friends. He’s my best music chemist with that guy. ”

Be clear about your vision

To be a fully available artist, it is essential to know your style and goals, but it is equally important to be open to new things. Both Shishi and Daramola have been successful in soundbatters, in part, keeping the line between their strengths and weaknesses. “As clear as you can [with collaborators] As for your vision as an artist, you can easily stick to that vision by trying to achieve what you are trying to achieve by being on the platform, ”Shishi advises.

Knowing that his artistic goals combine elements of Indian dance music with aspects of different traditions, Shishi has created a theme for finding musicians who can provide things that his own culture cannot. At one point, for example, he was creating an exuberant track, and realized that it was calling for a new language. “The song was a Major Laser-Style Indian dancebeat, but I got a Latin singer to sing in Spanish, “she said.” I searched for him [on SoundBetter] For Spanish singers. I couldn’t find a Spanish singer by myself. ”

As a singer who requests in every style from country to R&B and wants verses in the style of the producers Tame Impala Or Weekend, Daramola makes it a point to stay flexible. Once, a producer from Ukraine approached him while working on a rap-style track. He sent her a demo and requested a few bars. “I don’t think of myself as a rapper,” Daramola said, “but at Soundbater, I can actually use that part of my artwork.”

Step by step opportunities and growth

Since both Shishi and Daramola can ensure, the soundbater can open the door to a huge amount of work, which means a quick change can be vital. After joining the platform, Daramola had to change his approach to writing songs. “It really made me a better lyricist,” he explains, adding that having plenty of time means having a lot of opportunities to grow up. “You can quickly develop the ability to write songs. It translates for me when I’m in sessions with artists. Soundbater gives me the opportunity to work on my songwriting muscles. And with requests from all over the world, Darmola continues to keep his toes .

Shishi finds that the soundbater has a wide spiral: the more he works, the more samples he has to show clients, and the more clients are interested in working with him. “A lot of songs [from clients] You are in my profile, ”he said. Often, people will text him and refer to his own track samples as something they like about their music. “And became the featured person in the sample [often] The one I met on the soundbatter, ”Shishi said.

– Adam Rothbert

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