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It’s been three years since we first launched Spotify for Artists, and during that time we’ve seen millions of artists and their teams come together to share great music with the world, pitch playlists, use data to decide on release strategies, and tour schedules, and Connect with fans through profile tools and canvas. We’ve also introduced Spotify Analytics which has become a place to access data and pitch songs on labels and distributors ’playlists because they support their artists.

Over time, as we have heard opinions and seen how people use Spotify and Spotify analytics for artists, it has become clear how collaborative artists and their teams are planning data analysis and promotional strategies. In an effort to empower artists, managers and labels to work as seamlessly as possible, we’re bringing everyone together in one place: Spotify for Artists.

Now, with access to the same data and insights and the ability to join in managing an artist’s presence across Spotify, we look forward to enhancing better collaboration between teams – especially for artists signed to a label. For artists and managers already using Spotify for Artists, not much will change: you will still have the same access to your data and profile, and will still be able to get new releases in editorial and algorithmic playlists, Upload a canvas, And Add an artist fundraiser, But now it would be beneficial to keep your whole team and label in one place.

To enable this, we’ve made some changes to Spotify for Artists:

Team management

Artists, managers and labels will be able to add more than one person to their team, and a new activity page on Spotify for Artists will see a log of the steps taken across their team.

Data and analysis

Spotify users will continue to see helpful data and insights for artists. Labels will see data for their recordings.

Artist profile

In the coming weeks, both the artist and the label team will be able to make changes to an artist profile – whether it’s a bio update or a playlist sharing via artist selection.

Mobile app

And since we know that all this information is better when it is easily accessible, the labels joining Spotify for Artists will now have access to our mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

If you’ve never used Spotify for Artists, we’ve shared some useful case studies that you can do with these tools. New site.

We will continue to bring Spotify Analytics users to Spotify for artists in the coming months. Spotify Analytics users can expect to receive an email from us soon with the next step.

All in all, this means we’ll be able to reveal new tools and features to artists, managers and labels at the same time, so stay tuned for more product announcements.

Note: Spotify Analytics will close in July-July, 2020. If you currently have access to Spotify Analytics, you will receive an invitation to start Spotify for artists next week. Once you accept this invitation you will have 21 days to accept it. We look forward to seeing you on Spotify for Artists soon!

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