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For the time being the concert venues are dark and almost everyone is sitting at home, many artists have naturally moved to the internet and started live streaming performances. Sitting at home these gigs can be simple-for example, just a lyricist playing music on an acoustic guitar or piano বা or incorporating a more elaborate setup. Dropkick MurphyFor example, Perform their usual St. Patrick’s Day show In a rented performance space with a full light show and production.

While some of you are new to the world of online performance, others have practiced a lot – and they’ve gathered some knowledge of how to do it. For eight pieces based in Minneapolis Cloud CultTraveling has become more difficult in recent years since band members started families. About a year ago, the group launched a subscription service through Patrion that gives fans regular access to online concerts, livestreams from the studio and other gifts.

Some pro tricks

Cloud Cult’s online concerts যা which can be entire band topics or solo performances by individual band members চেহারা look and sound like skillfully produced shows. During solo webcasts, frontman Craig Minova uses different cameras to perform different performance angle capture apps such as Camera for OBS Studio Allows you to convert older phones or tablets to external webcams – and connect studio devices to a multichannel audio interface that connects to the computer itself, “so I can turn around and get the clearest sound,” he said.

Minoa then runs everything OBSIts open source video recording and livestreaming software একটি a powerful, free program that allows it to pick up sound input, switch up the on-screen camera, and even create audio and video buffers in seconds উন্নত improves quality.

“The home-concert thing is a great new platform কিন্তু but, like anything, people want it to sound and look good, as well as the intimacy of being able to message and converse with the artist,” he says.

Photo courtesy of Craig Minova, Cloud Cult

Photo courtesy of Craig Minova, Cloud Cult

Minova has found an easy way to make these performances feel comfortable. He wears earpieces instead of headphones, and the locations are “a very good vocal mic nearby but only a touch offscreen, so there’s more intimacy and less technology,” he says.

And when he performs with the rest of the band, he uses technology to collaborate: “I’m actually putting them on my back wall, so it’s a little too much for the audience to feel like they’re in the same place, behind our computers instead of all of us.”

Bring the club to the living room

The Austin-based DJ Mail য who has performed at Lolapaluza, Austin City Limited, Bonaru, and inaugurated the 57th Presidential for Barack Obama-has also become a leader in building the electric sense of personal gathering while at home.

DJ Mail had already set up live streaming for six months before the epidemic, but she quickly found a larger online audience through her Saturday night dance sets on Facebook Live and Zoom, which she uses as a fundraiser for various charities.

DJ Mail’s performances are exuberant and interactive, and include shouting for those watching, as well as an uninterrupted flow of comments from fans as he turns up. To create his mix pop, he decided on a simple livestream setup that worked like a charm: a GoPro Hero8 Black With a Pro 3.5mm mic adapter Paired with GoPro app for iOS On his iPhone 11 Pro. He then runs a Kimber cable RCA to aux to 3.5mm cable a 62 DJ mixer on the run GoPro Hero8 on Black Mike Adapter.

This setup is “Plug and Play”, adding DJ Mail, which gives it a great advantage. “The GoPro iOS app connects to Facebook Live via Wi-Fi in seconds – no HDMI capture card or outboard sound card required,” he says.

This setup also gives him flexibility: since the GoPro itself has a wide-angle lens and streams at 1080p, he says he’s “not locked in a vertical view with a lower-race selfie camera.”

“The quality of video and audio will play a role in whether people are hired or not,” says DJ Mail. “[The] The higher the value, the better. “

A creative take on the piano bar

New York-based lyricist and pianist Julian Velard New to live streaming games, though he is an enthusiastic adopter. He grabbed it. “Nap time piano bar“Every day through her Instagram live – performances come when her kids are asleep – and on Saturday night” Concert with her guests “is known as Songtalkin on her Facebook page, where she has performed, such as Joe’s Pub and Sid Gold’s Request Room.

For Velard, this abundance of attendance is a way to continue promoting his work and career: he recently released a new single, “Half done, “And currently have one Kickstarter campaign Establish a music fund

“Now that I’m stuck in an apartment in Queens where there’s no gig on the horizon, that’s the only way for me to take my craft to the world,” he says. “It suddenly seems essential.”

Julian Velard Live Streaming

Julian Velard Live Streaming

Her online streams are more intimate by nature, as they only show her on a piano. And, for the most part, Velard keeps it simple. “I have the best camera on my phone, so I try to turn it off as much as possible,” he said. “You can understand as much as you can [streaming] On your phone, the more flexibility you have. What makes live streaming so exciting right now is the immediacy and your phone brings it to the spade. “

He considers a class-compatible audio device তিনি he uses a Thick microbook iiC With a breakout cable – essential to optimizing these streams. “Class-compatible devices work with an iPhone or any iOS device,” he says. “It gives you maximum flexibility. You just plug in the phone and it goes away. No software or driver or interface is required.”

However, Velard is experimenting with different rigs depending on the platform he is using to stream. For example, using his phone to “randomly draw people to his music with the” Nap Time Piano Bar “is understandable, and Instagram Live makes it easy – he’s exploring other methods on Facebook or YouTube.

“I go into my UAD Arrows Or Apollo IIC my fat microbook on my computer and on my phone, “he said.” I use one SM7 [microphone] With one in the room Cloud lifter To support additional profits. I just run the keyboard through my studio monitor. It’s not the ‘ideal’ live recording setup, but it gets the job done. “

In fact, Velard is focused on making his streams relatable and personal – and not so anxious to make them flawless.

“You have zero consequences for not being perfect,” he says. “Social media for musicians – or producers of any kind – is a conversation. You’re constantly refining your message and figuring out how to best communicate with your audience.”

Searching for connections

Of course, for all these musicians, these live streams bring trial and error. For DJ Mail, Wi-Fi speed can “sometimes be a problem” since many people are streaming at home and have no control over the performance of their home network. And both Velard and Minova have tackled technical issues.

“The important thing is to prepare as much as you can for regular concerts, so that you can reduce the chances of trouble,” Minova said. To that end, the band streamlined their performance through service Crowdcast, Which allows artists to run a test of performance and then view a recording of the rehearsal, so that they can adjust in advance.

It’s also important to be prepared to solve problems on the fly: for example, Cloud Cult recently planned to comment towards the end of a movie live webcast – and just before going live, “webcam images started bouncing randomly,” Minova said. “I had to pull on another computer to finish the audio of things so that the main computer could only focus on the video stream.”

Despite this potential shake, there is almost nothing but the emergence of livestreams. In fact, for musicians to dip their toes in the field, Velard has simple advice.

“Just the beginning,” he says. “Of all the massive disruptions that are happening, no one is looking for the perfect thing. They’re just looking for connections.”

– Annie Jalesky

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