VIDEO: Crowds Were Crazy After Magic Kingdom’s New Charming Fireworks Tonight

Disney Enchantment is the new Magic Kingdom night show that includes fireworks, special effects and projections all over the main street and Cinderella Castle!

Disney Enchantment

He crowds in Magic Kingdom they’ve been pretty wild today, and the park has arrived until the afternoon. There were a LOT of people gathered to watch the new fireworks show Let’s take a look at what it was like to try to get out of the park after the inaugural night of Enchantment!

As soon as the Enchantment ended, people were going everywhere! Hundreds (thousands, perhaps?) Of guests walked in all different directions: it was a bit chaotic!

The opening nights of shows sure know how to get the crowd out! Stay tuned to DFB, because we’re covering everything at Disney World for the 50th anniversary.

Follow us LIVE on the 50th anniversary of Disney World.

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What do you think of Disney Enchantment? Let us know in the comments.


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