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Being a fan of theme parks can also mean some uneasiness when it comes to exciting attractions. Walt Disney World is known for its combination of ideal attractions for families, ranging from slowness to thrilling and exciting. One of the most innovative attractions ever built at Walt Disney World, Avatar – Flight of Passage, is a little more interesting. But, as a self-proclaimed fool, I am here to tell you tin do it.

I recently wrote a review of Rise of the Resistance from the perspective of a wimp, and heard from our readers that they would like reviews of other attractions. So let’s talk about Avatar – Flight of Passage. I will do my best to avoid any major spoilers and write down any moments that may be considered a spoiler. My hope is to help you understand what to expect and share some tips on how I was able to experience this attraction.

Passenger flight queue (photo: Brandon Glover)

Avatar: Flight of Passage spoiler-free review for those who are sensitive

Full Disclosure: I’ve only been to Flight of Passage once. Well, I guess it could be said once and a half. About halfway through my first experience, it stopped and was completely restored. After a few minutes, the cast members signed up for everyone and then started the attraction again.

Flight of Passage is a simulator-style attraction. While this style of attraction is popular at Walt Disney World, the way it is presented in Flight of Passage is quite different. The queue could easily be vindicated as the most detailed and themed queue of Walt Disney World. There is a “chicken outing”, so if you decide not to ride the attraction, you can enjoy the impressive queue.

The purpose of Flight of Passage is to give visitors a chance to experience how to fly over a Banshee, which is a large dragon-like creature from the movie Avatar. The Na’vi form a connection with their Banshee. Humans can’t do it the same way, so technology was “developed” to allow humans to connect with an Avatar and experience what it’s like to ride in Banshee. Guests board a private vehicle that many say looks like a sleek motorcycle.

Passenger flight vehicles (photo by @bioreconstruct)

There are two pre-presentation areas before entering the room where you are sitting in the vehicle.

When I walked into the theater, where the attraction really takes place, I started to get nervous. The theater is a multi-storey screen and there are several rows of vehicles. Each of these rows is on its own platform. When I got into the vehicle, I had a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Overall, being in the vehicle felt pretty comfortable. But you are looking down at an angle and there is a harness that goes down to your back. There really is no other vehicle like Walt Disney World.


I will now describe what it is like during the same trip.

When the attraction started it wasn’t too intense, although the initial “throw” and the first scroll in the first 10 seconds are exciting. I remember after that there were a few small bumps and bumps. It was pretty exciting without being too much. After about 45 seconds, the movement of the attraction and the action on the screen really increase.

The fall and immersion of the driving platform intensified, as did the images of the huge screen in front of us. At that moment I began to feel overwhelmed. I am sensitive to intense sound and intense movement. Luckily the sound was very nice and beautiful. The movement was very smooth, but increased in intensity by about 45 seconds. I remember letting out a few screams, a mixture of fear and excitement. At that point I could no longer hold the screen and so I saw the vehicle going.

Avatar Flight of Passage queue

Whenever an exciting attraction overwhelms me, my method is to look at the vehicle or look at the feet. This underpins me and brings me back to a less stimulating experience. In Flight of Passage, seeing the vehicle in motion was less effective due to the way the screen is wrapped around it, so I turned my head even further to the side and was able to see the trip platform. Wow, the platform was so awesome. I had never seen such driving mechanics. I could see the platform going up and down.

As I watched the platform move, the movement of the screen had a minor impact. But the movement of the driving vehicle was still maintained. I was impressed and shy by the depth some of the bass have. The driving vehicle is not tilted up or down individually, but the platforms where the row of vehicles is are lowered up and down like an elevator platform and tilted slightly back and forth. The incline is not as dramatic as some of the falls are. Seeing the platform reduced the dramatic impact the movement had on the screen, but I could still feel the movement of the ride and the platform. I’m sure some screams and screams escaped me.

After about two minutes, the action slows down for a few seconds during a beautiful scene. I was able to return my vision to the screen at this point and catch my breath for about 30 seconds. Then the action resumes for another minute and a half. The second half didn’t seem as intense as the first half, but I ended up looking away from the platform for the most part.

Passenger flight departure area

I’m glad I experienced the step flight. It’s not scary, but it’s exciting and intense. Sensitivity to movement was definitely affected and he needed to be outdoors about an hour later to get back down in a hurry. I haven’t ridden Flight of Passage since that first visit, and that’s when the attraction opened. Once my son is tall enough to follow him and we can all go together, I will ride him again. But as wonderful and impressive as the attraction is, it took me a long time to get over it, so I’m in no hurry to get back on a Banshee.

Are you a travel companion? Have you tried Flight of Passage? What did you think?

First published on February 18, 2021. Updated on September 30, 2021.

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