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Walt Disney World is a snack lovers paradise. Whether you prefer your savory or sweet snacks, classic or with a new twist, fresh ingredients or frozen sweets, Instagrammable, deconstructed or, well, you’re done … there’s something to tickle everyone to taste!

And each unique territory within WDW includes its own dining options and snacks, some better than others. Over the next few weeks, I will be classifying the grounds of each of the 4 WDW theme parks based on their ability to bite, starting with the OG, Magic Kingdom.

So what factors should be taken into account when assessing a land’s snack capacity?

  1. Quantity: number of snacks or snack locations located within this land
  2. Quality: Not just having snacks, but having them well appetizers
  3. Variety: having different types of snacks within this land, not just the same
  4. Uniqueness: Classic snacks are classic for a reason, but having some unique options you won’t find anywhere else is also important
  5. Theme: how do snacks relate to the theme of that particular land?

Based on these considerations, which lands will reign supreme snack and which could use a snack-lift? Let’s find out!

# 1 Fantasyland

This classic fairytale terrain wins first place in our food ranking for several reasons. It has the maximum number of snack options from any of the lands of the Magic Kingdom, with a wide variety of savory, sweet and unique themed items, in addition to serving all the classics.

Some favorite specialty items here include Cat Tails (Cheshire Café), Cinnamon Rolls and Gray Stuff Cupcakes (Gaston’s Tavern) and Buffalo Chicken Tater (The Friar’s Nook).

You’ll also find all the traditional WDW items like turkey legs and soft pretzels (Prince Eric’s Village Market), caramel apples (Big Top Treats) and soft ice creams, including a special Dole Whip flavor (Storybook Treats). It’s really no better than that in terms of having it all in one land.

# 2 Adventureland

Claiming the No. 2 spot, what Adventureland lacks in terms of different snacks and snack spots, far exceeds its quality.

As Dole Whip’s No. 1 destination throughout WDW, Adventureland has 2 locations (Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace) that offer many fruity flavors other than the delicious delight, both in cup and float form. With so many delicious flavors to choose from, you’re sure to enjoy them all.

This land is also known for its unique turns in egg rolls, which include pizza, burgers and other varieties of seasonal egg rolls in a cart right at the main entrance. For something new and iconic, just as good, look no further than Adventureland.

# 3 Freedom Square

It will reach number 3 in the patriotic Plaça de la Llibertat, which has 2 popular snack bars.

Sleepy Hollow is a fan favorite for its massive and delicious waffle sandwiches, both savory and sweet, and funnel cakes, while the Freedom Market has some healthier options, such as fruit and yogurt. And while you can get the traditional Disney turkey leg at various places on the property, it feels especially themed here.

Liberty Square definitely has a good variety and is the only place to enjoy these amazing waffle sandwiches.

# 4 Main Street, USA

With several snack options right when you walk into the park and the sweet smell of sugar that gets you there, Main Street is a great place to enjoy it, but don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

Main Street Confectionery, Main Street Bakery and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor offer all the Mickey-shaped treats, pastries, sweets and ice creams you can order and more.

And across the street, Casey’s Corner has the salty side covered in corn dog seeds and chili cheese chips. It’s sure to satisfy you, but if you’re looking for something more unique, you’ll probably want to keep looking for it.

# 5 Frontierland

When I started this list, I honestly can’t think of any place to snack on Frontierland except Golden Oak Outpost, and their main snack option is the (boring) Chilean Cheese Chips.

But I ended up discovering another place to snack at the border, with some seemingly random but also unique items. Westward It is served with donut holes in the morning and candied bacon skewers and jalapeno poppers in the afternoon (as well as churros pasta and corn dogs). If you’re hungry in Frontierland, these snacks you won’t find anywhere else might be worth it.

# 6 Tomorrowland

The last place is Tomorrowland. Apparently, the Imagineers can’t figure out what people will eat in the future, so they didn’t even try to be creative with the snacks here.

Everything you can get at Tomorrowland, like serving soft and smoothies (Auntie Gravity’s cookies), soft pretzels (The Lunching Pad) and churros (Cool Ship), you can also find many other places on WDW.

That’s not to say you still can’t enjoy a snack. On our recent trip, my husband and I stopped at The Lunching Pad to split a Mickey-shaped skewer and some frozen cakes. to the other lands.

In general, the first Walt Disney World theme park has some snack options. While some lands are clearly superior in terms of snacking, you’ll definitely not go hungry, no matter where you spend your busy day at the Magic Kingdom.

What are your favorite lands to snack on at the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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