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There is always music RAP FerreiraHis name was Rory Allen Philip Ferreira Born and raised south of Chicago, he got his nickname when his grandmother attached a voicemail point between his initials and his fate as he placed her in sixth grade. Although she was raped under Monica Milo for a while, she adopted RAP in 2019, which makes the most use of her birth certificate. Its 2020 release, Purple moon light leaves, Shows interesting skills in rhymes that give a sacred (e.g., paternity) and mundane (laundry) level.

Many musicians believe that success comes with painful discounts. For RAP, however, navigating the industry as an independent artist and the head of a label he founded, Ruby Yacht, Means to balance the Ruby Yacht artists to follow their own point of view while creating the conditions to do the same. Relying on the strength of teamwork and securing several ways of earning outside of music is its winning formula. We spent some time with Ferreira about his unique algorithm.

There is power in numbers

First, finding a team is crucial. The Ruby Yacht works as a collective, where skills are shared communally. Ever-evolving group যার which includes Pink navel, Aldon Somers, And Kenny Segal, Stacked with ra rappers among others who are also talented producers, each adding their own unique features and allowing everyone to combine resources. “Of the ten of us, we can do whatever we want because everyone knows someone or has some skills to do it,” Ferreira said. Their recent collaborative efforts, 37 gems, This proves the benefits of cross-pollination.

Ruby Yacht’s emphasis on being radically their own has made viewers loyal to their originality. “I do not think so Parliament Funcadelic Ferreira said what a group of people out there have gone crazy and are more committed to creating their industry. I think we have an audience because of the continuity that we do. ”

Having a strong, supportive community is an invaluable asset if you are independent. “I can say with confidence that I survived my art because I have a real relationship with the artists and we all float to each other,” Ferreira said.

Unlike a typical label, the Ruby Yacht resembles a family whose basic needs are ensured by Ferreira. “I definitely spend two to three hours a day specifically on the label,” he says. “At the moment we are making sure everyone on our team is healthy, has a cage, has food, has what they need. Everyone is going to eat regardless of what is happening in the world.”

Photo by RAP Ferreira, Kevin Condon

Photo by RAP Ferreira, Kevin Condon

Put them all together

Relentlessly following your passions and uniting your conspirators is only half the battle. Above all it is a business, and earning is essential. “You need to have at least four streams of income with your industry,” Ferreira said. “There are four different ways to make money from one thing. For me at first it was show, digital sales and streaming, merchant and guest terms. At a certain point you want to add fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth sections of income, but you start with four. “If you really want to make a living from your industry, that’s the way to go.”

Other revenue streams for ferries have taken a lot of shape. Merchant doesn’t just mean tease. Upstairs Ruby yacht site, You can find one Coffee mixture In memory of his new release Tape, Embroidery Button-down shirt, And enamel pins. He calls it “finding gaps in the matrix” or in other words, a way to keep the yacht afloat. It doesn’t stop there. “I opened a record store. It’s a big one for me, “he said.Editor’s note: Solfox is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19.) “I started gardening, selling vegetables and things like that. Sometimes I buy and sell old video games. You have to have a mind for conspiracy.”

In the end, he outlines everything for the two essential principles that have become his northern stars: be kind to yourself and work hard. “Don’t be fooled by yourself,” he said. Artists are highly self-critical, and this is not necessary. And it’s good to work hard. It’s very beautiful. “

– Kevin Pierce

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