REVIEW: WE ARE NOT OK! We need to talk about Disney World’s new ice cream giant Sundae NOW.

This week we are eating for Disney World as a whirlwind 150 new foods and drinks arrive just in time for the official start of the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The Plaza restaurant

One of the restaurants that received a LOT of love and attention from Disney World when it comes to 50th anniversary special treats is The Plaza restaurant and Magic Kingdom. After all, it was what we know today as The Plaza Restaurant a restoration site at Disney World in 1971, so it is totally it should get your own special recognition.

The Plaza Restaurant is a quaint dining room on the corner of Main Street in the United States, in Magic Kingdom, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. The Plaza restaurant has four new additions to its menu in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Disney World, i three of these items are desserts. The articles make no gesture with Walt Disney himself. We tried the starter and an epic dessert, and now we have to talk about it.

Restaurant Plaza

For the main course, we channeled our Disneyland indoor fan and snacked at the Monte Cristo Sandwich with Fried funnel cake batter, bacon, roasted turkey and Provolone sprinkled with powdered sugar and EARidescent served with a side of Strawberry jam.

The Monte Cristo sandwich is a staple at Disneyland, so we love making a small gesture with Disney history by including it on the menu. As expected of any Monte Cristo, this was one cheesy, greasy and delicious sandwich. He had a fun presentation and it cost $ 18! This was one of our favorite 50th anniversary additions to Magic Kingdom.

Monte Cristo!

Dessert is the Cheers to 50 years! This dish comes with both Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownies, muffins, crumbs, pretzel canes and hot fudge topped with Whipped cream, EARidescent sugar, ia Mickey Pretzel watered with Caramel and chocolate icing. Yes, it’s great.

The “Cheers to 50 Years” Sundae!

According to Disney, These desserts should easily feed four hungry guests. This was an excessive pleasure if there were any at Disney World. All the toppings were great and the pretzel canes topped with brownie and chocolate were delicious. Keep in mind: you can’t change the flavors of the ice cream, just the chocolate and vanilla.

Who doesn’t want a Mickey pretzel EVERYTHING on top of their cocoa ?! Well, it was actually our least favorite part because it didn’t mix very well with ice cream and other toppings, especially for shows. It can definitely be shared and is an excessive way to celebrate the 50th, especially at 32 USD!

As we mentioned earlier, we are working our way through Disney World trying out all the new food and drinks for the 50th anniversary celebration. Be sure to read our reviews to see which items you should prioritize and which ones you can skip over the next vacation.

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Do you visit Disney World during its 50th anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments.

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