Be prepared for this extra cost if you are staying at the Disney World Star Wars Hotel

In a galaxy not far away, people will soon be able to achieve this “Upload” to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (also known as the Star Wars Hotel) for 2 night dive Star Wars experience at Disney World.

A model of Halcyon at Disney Studios Hollywood

Disney is still posting information on what is included in this Itinerary of 2 nights, which carries a high price and you’ll probably want to know about it a Galaxy’s Edge point that is NOT included in the price of a Star Wars hotel reservation. So if you’re budgeting for a visit to a very distant galaxy, keep reading.

During a stay of 2 nights at Star Wars Hotel, customers will receive a number of advantages even entrance to Disney Studios in Hollywood included in the price of the stay. On that date you plan to visit Batuu, alias Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, you can also schedule a reservation at Cantina d’Oga.

Cantina d’Oga

But, it is important to keep in mind that this is so NOT included in the price of a stay aboard the Halcyon. That is correct, A separate booking is required for Oga’s And pay for it. Guests can call theirs Galactic Starcruiser Specialist to add a booking for Cantà d’Oga to your visit 60 days in advance.

Cantina d’Oga

Cantina d’Oga is known for its special drinks, including alcoholic and non – alcoholic options, and only two “snacks” are served which are not super filling, so you probably can’t wait to eat a full meal here. But the atmosphere is fun and unique, especially for Star Wars fans! Guests are limited to 45 minutes per party and there is an opportunity you may have to stop during your visit.

Jedi Mind Trick

Included in the price of a stay at the Star Wars Hotel are food and beverages (except special and alcoholic beverages) and a quick service meal at Docking Bay 7 Power and cargo or select locations at Hollywood Studios. On board, there are also additional experiences that cost more, such as sitting at the Captain’s Table in the dining room of the Crown of Corelia for $ 30 per person.

Captain’s Table at Galactic Starcruiser © Disney

Therefore, if you hope to visit Oga’s Cantina before starting your two-day stay at the Star Wars hotel, be sure to schedule the booking and budget for the additional cost. Reservations at the Star Wars hotel opened Oct. 28, and the hotel is scheduled for opened March 1, 2022. And keep reading DFB for more Star Wars hotel news.

How to use your Galaxy’s Edge droid in the Star Wars hotel!

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