‘Beyond Good & Evil’ Netflix Movie: What We Know So Far

Outside of Good and Evil – Photo: Ubisoft

Shortly after Rob Letterman-directed Netflix announced it would develop a Beyond Good and Evil movie. Here is what has been known so far about the upcoming Netflix movie based on the popular video game franchise that is getting new entries in the near future.

Now we need to warn you of that news in advance Out of good and evil It is still very light at the moment and nothing has been announced since the initial announcement in August 2020.

This is a work progress preview and will be updated over time to reflect the changed developments.

Out of good and evil Netflix and Ubisoft are one of the few games currently working together. Outside of Netflix, Ubisoft currently has projects with Apple TV + and was recently announced Driver Live-action series for

In addition, Netflix has been aggressively pushing video game IP over the past few years to adapt to many high profile games but beyond that, Netflix itself is entering video games.

What is good and bad?

Brand new to the franchise? Let’s meet you!

First published in 2003, the Ubisoft game follows Z, who became a reporter after discovering a conspiracy between foreign invaders on his remote mining planet and an army promising to protect the local population.

The game has become a cult classic that received an HD remaster in 2011 and is still popular and discussed today.

Good and bad video games are out

Good and Evil HD Remakes Outside – Photo: Ubisoft

The second entry in the game franchise has long been teased but is often referred to as VaporWave because, apart from some concept trailers, nothing specific has been revealed about the game.

The second game entry was first announced in 2008 but a first look concept teaser won’t come until E3 2017. The 10 minute movie was basically a teaser of what we can expect from any movie rather than what we can expect from the video. Game

Towards the end of 2018, some gameplay for the new game was released which revealed a huge opportunity for what the team is trying to achieve.

The game is still in development as of 2021, the game’s director left the project in late 2020 but insisted the game was still in development, saying “the teams are autonomous and the projects are going very well. Beautiful things will be seen soon.”

What we know so far about Netflix’s Beyond Good & Evil movie

Let’s go back to the Boris Kit Hollywood Reporter post announcing the development of the movie in July 2020.

The project is described as a hybrid live-action / animated feature film. In reality, it is unclear what it looks like. The concept trailer above may suggest that actors can be “mocked” into a CG world.

It was very early in development at the time of the announcement, the report said, adding that “authors are being sought to adapt the game.”

Netflix’s Beyond Good & Evil movie is being directed by Rob Letterman, best known for his recent work. Detective Pikachu, Frizz (Starring Jack Black), and Gulliver’s Travels.

Rob Letterman comes from a significant animation background and even his live-action projects rely heavily on CG to bring the characters to life.

Rob Letterman is the director of Netflix Beyond Good and Evil

Rob Letterman – Photo by John Lampersky / Wire Image

The project is produced by Jason Altman, who works as SVP and head of film and television at Uvisoft, and Margaret Boykin, who works as head of film development at Ubisoft.

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