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In a world where music fans are presented with more choices than ever before, we recognize the importance of taking strategic steps to expand your art, and it is crucial for artists to help you reach new audiences at Spotify. So in 2018 we gave artists and their teams the ability to pitch new music directly to our editorial team for playlist consideration. Since we launched the feature on Spotify for Artists, more than 72,000 artists have been playlisted for the first time.

Here are all the details Here, But to sum it up – all you have to do is pitch a new song at least seven days before the release date, make sure all the metadata is filled out (specify!) And don’t be afraid to get the details including the song description. Once our editors hear and select the songs to place in the most suitable editorial playlists for publication. (Editors’ playlists are Spotify for Artists for about 20% of tracks.) Plus, your tracks are also plugged into Spotify’s algorithmic playlist ecosystem – including Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mix, and more – making sure you’re always getting the right listeners.

Since the launch of this new function, we’ve been talking to artists about how to pitch their music, and how later on playlists have impacted their careers – chatting with everyone. Shura Per Georgia Per Elohim And more. Now we have decided to dig a little deeper with our new video series, How the Made It. For the first three episodes we have zeroed in on the rapper, singer and mogul Drizzy (Above), speaking straight Wiki (Formerly part of the hip-hop group Ratings), And the soft-spoken, folktronica Trubadur Connor Youngblood. We wanted to know more about their story, their creative process, but the strategic steps they have taken (and are taking) for where they are today.

First, we joined Conner Youngblood in his hometown of Nashville on how and why nature and travel are sources of inspiration for his music. We then follow him on a tour of the UK. The 300-year-old multi-instrumentalist is itching his music into playlists and using Spotify for Artists’ data to help spread his music far and wide – it enables and fuels his passion for wandering, which brings music back to him.

After spending time with Connor, we headed to LA to meet Drizzy at the studio before heading to his hometown of Chicago. Once there we learned all about his origins (told through a stylish family dinner at Auntie’s house), to learn how the 25-year-old became a sensation in Chicago and beyond by writing in his journal. Plus we start his journey to find his rightful voice – as a rapper and a singer. When Drizzy pitched “Channel slide“For playlist consideration at Teland in 2018, it was selected for seven editorial playlists, where editorial and algorithmic playlists ran more than 40 percent of all streams. It was a moment for Drizzy – another chess move in his career.

To complete this trio of Mini Docs, we set out to meet Wiki in Brooklyn. The Irish-Puerto Rican rapper and producer initially had a reputation as a teenager on Ratking. Now alone, we caught up with the 26-year-old when he planned a rollout for his latest record. Uffie. Wiki picks up on her mentality and degree degree vision for her LP from the artwork to the video to her live show. Working closely with his manager, who created his track. “NectarIn November 2011, the track landed multiple editorial and algorithmic playlists, resulting in a selection of interesting data points. For example, the wiki followers on Spotify have greatly increased by 92 percent since the song was released.

Watch these three episodes to learn more about Wiki, Drizzy and Conner, as well as pitch music to editorial playlists. Watch episodes of our game plan for more information on how playlists work Here.

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