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The Cumbia 420, The new genre, which combines words from different urban genres, appeared in Argentina a few years ago and its audience has not stopped growing in Spotify. As defined by the creator and artist DT Billiards, It is characterized by new cumbia and rhythm on the back. It is a fusion of different styles of a single genre of street where each puts its essence. It’s a musical style with the spirit of Cumbia and Reggaeton. “. Not only that, it is also getting stronger in urban dance music 25% and 50% of young people under Spotify have heard.

According to data released by Spotify, the global audience of this genre has increased by 590% since 2018. The Cumbia 420 currently has more than 3,000 user playlists and more than 14.5 million playlists with at least one song of this genre.

The first rhythms of the Cumbia 420 began to be heard in 2014. In 2018, the single released One plus one From El-Gante Next to Alan Gomez And Franco DJ, Spotify’s audience has grown rapidly. As well as artists El-Gante, Cousin dog, Caleb the aunt, Tiri La Roca, As emerging Noba, The month Beraco, Anthony NM, And the producer DT Billiards, Became some of the names that mark the music scene.

To celebrate the trend and share it with fans, Spotify has released a documentary as well El-Gante Which invites listeners to his musical journey, his beginnings and the aspirations of a great hero of the genre. Alien highlights the privacy of his home: “La Cumbia 420 is a current Cambierro rhythm, it’s my favorite genre, which I represent and which I never want to lose the essence of Cumbia, let the surrounding area and people identify themselves. We decorate the trap with cumbia, with French drills, with folklore. This is a genre called Cambia 2020, we sound it with some of the other genres. ” He comments on the growth of music: “It’s just the beginning, the goal is to get it everywhere, travel around the world and share with great people.”

Self-taught since childhood, with more than 5.7 million monthly listeners today, El-Gant is excited to be heard in all neighborhoods, on the streets and on networks. “El-Ghent RKT-Papu DJ, El-Ghent ”, which has about 110 million listeners on Spotify. This topic describes the details of slum entertainment during the epidemic with exuberant words and interesting bits.

The artist gained his popularity not only in Argentina, but also in countries like Mexico, Spain, Chile and Uruguay. L-Ghent: The Bzrp music session with Bizrrap peaked at number 1 on the Argentina charts and peaked at number 119 globally.

Speaking of songs featuring Cumbia 420, DT Billiards It highlights They express reality from different niches, different realities. There are artists who sing in the neighborhood, others sing on motorcycles, cars, etc. The Cumbia 420 is influenced by the Cumbia and is an essential part of the reggaeton, as well as the streams that mark a large mass of people.From Tego Calderón to Damas Gratis, for example, there is a huge range. Therefore, whenever you hear Cumbia 420, you hear Cumbia. That is, even if it is a trap, you will feel that it is Cumbia, because it is a fertilizer that removes you. “

Thus, the Cumbia 420 mate and mate with various urban genres such as reggaeton, trap or drill or corridos tumbados. References to different styles blend their music and send it “from neighborhood to neighborhood,” as its protagonists emphasize. Artists from Argentina and other countries have collaborated on songs under the Cumbia 420 umbrella, including: Fidel Nadal, Echo, Checkers free, The Joaqui, Marcian, Homer the Gruper, Dilom, Block Nestor, Roman L Original, John C., KD Kane, Ubeili, Ovi, Among many others.

Songs that can be heard around here can be heard in the original Spotify playlist here Cumbia 420, And in Spotify documentary with L-Ghent.

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