Mickey Mouse is reinvented into the new Artist series merchandise, now available at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and shopDisney.com

Just a couple of months ago, I told you all about some exciting new products from the Disney Artist Series collection. Well, everyone knows you can never have enough Mickey swag, so I’m thrilled to share with you two more artists who are making a chip with their own reimaginations of the legend himself, Mickey Mouse.

Several artists from around the world presented their Mickey Mouse redesigns for their consideration. We selected them to be unique and original, and then worked with them to make sure their versions of Mickey were a perfect balance of the artist’s performance while maintaining the integrity of Mickey’s character. We selected silhouettes inspired by street clothes that could not show gender and that could really show the unique work of art. Each artist has a woven label that was incorporated into every piece in their group as an identifying mark to tie it all together. They are available today at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and shopDisney.com. Look at them!

First, let’s meet Deborah Salles, who has been drawing since she was 8 years old. After dedicating herself to graphic design and illustration at university, she worked at The Walt Disney Company Brazil as a product designer. Having recognized a Mickey Mouse redesign project has been a dream come true for her. Can you blame her? Look at these very beautiful items!

Deborah reinvented Mickey in her creation of this Mickey Mouse backpack with a very cute allover design with an open-eyed Mickey with various facial expressions. It’s perfect for school, a day at the parks or just running around town. Now that autumn is here and the weather is cooling, this Mickey Mouse fleece sweater with a bold black and white design is the perfect comfortable item to keep you warm.

This first Mickey Mouse t-shirt features Mickey expressing his many moods with different facial expressions, while this second Mickey Mouse t-shirt has a bold black and white design, a Mickey with open eyes and different sleeves. Colours. What is your style the most?

Designer Rafael Faria

Rafael Faria is another designer and artist whose work we love. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Rafael has worked for the visual communications segment for 17 years and has dedicated his time to creating exclusive and memorable projects at The Walt Disney Company Brazil. His passion goes beyond paper, shaping 2-D and 3-D creations ranging from creatures, mountains, valleys and lakes, to being inspired by nature. His new version of Mickey Mouse is downright electrifying. Check it out for yourself:

Get ready to stand out when you carry this vibrant and dynamic Mickey Mouse backpack. Rafael has incorporated a reinvented Mickey into this colorful urban-style work of art, combining a contemporary style with an 80s sensibility to create a bag that puts fun into functionality. The Mickey Mouse Hoodie uses this same urban style to add color to what you’re wearing. And no, you don’t need 3D glasses for this Mickey Mouse t-shirt. It’s just Rafael’s optical illusion! This fun and colorful design will make you rub your eyes and exclaim, “Oh, boy!”

Rafael Faria Mickey Mouse t-shirt for adults

Rafael shows his love for bright colors in another vibrant Mickey Mouse t-shirt. The colorful grid design has a musical theme, with chromatic musical instruments and microphones, so you’re sure to play the right note with Mickey fans.

What do you think of these Mickey Mouse reimaginations? I can’t wait to mix them up and make them match! Get yours today at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort or shopDisney.com.

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