New keys to Netflix and the top 10s: October 4, 2021

Season 4 on my block is now on Netflix – Photo: Netflix

It’s a new week and it’s time to run through new releases on Netflix where there are 6 new headlines from yesterday and in the new week. So if you’re looking for something new to watch while the world is engulfed (i.e. Facebook down) then here’s what’s new and what’s trending on Netflix for October 4, 2021.

In terms of removal, we lost only 120 movies and TV shows. Today is your last chance to visit Rimba Racer Before it left and on Wednesday, Netflix lost Mine 9 And Move away from love.

Want to see the front? We anticipate at least 28 headlines of what is going to happen to Netflix in the next 7 days.

Now let’s take a look at today’s highlights:

In my block (Ason Tu 4)

Article: Comedy, drama
Cast: Sierra Capri, Jason Xenao, Brett Gray
Author: Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Huft, Lauren Ingrich
Runtime: 30 minutes

The upcoming era series of Lauren Ingrich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Huff ended today with the last batch of episodes.

Here’s what you can expect from the fourth and final season:

“When Jamal dreams of Ruby becoming the senior class president, Jasmine becomes aggressive. Oscar warns Caesar of the dangers ahead.

While this may end up for the original squad, we will conveniently return to the fridge in the form of a new spin-off. Freeze.

RBG (2018)

Article: Documentary, biography
Director: Julie Cohen, Betty West
Cast: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Ann Kitner, Harriet Helsell
Runtime: 98 minutes

As we first reported last week, this double Oscar-nominated documentary hit Netflix on Sunday.

The detailed documentary takes you through the life of the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg who proudly served on the Supreme Court but also had a great career before the start of his term.

Security (2017)

Article: Action, crime, thriller
Director: Allen Desrockers
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Ben Kingsley, Liam McIntyre
Author: Tony Mosher, John Sullivan
Runtime: 88 minutes

Action thrillers always do well in the top ten of Netflix, so it will be interesting to see if the return of security (don’t be confused with adding Netflix’s own title in 2021 to the same name) will ensure it a place in the future.

The mid-budget movie is about a former special services veteran who takes a job at a run-down mall, where his first night was what he thought was a job.

The full list of what’s new on Netflix is ​​October 3rd-4th

4 new movies added

  • Devdas Brothers (2021) -TV-MA-TAMIL-After their first heartbreak, four shaky youngsters plan tough ways to get back to the women they left behind এবং and for an intensive lesson.
  • RBG (2018) – PG – English – Heartwarming and humorous, the documentary is a landmark work on the life and rights of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
  • Security (2017) – R – English – After taking a job as a mall security guard, a former Marine comes forward to rescue a young girl who is being hunted down by heavily armed tenants.
  • Upcoming Summer (2021) Netflix Original -TV-PG-Chinese-When a white lie leads to unexpected results, Chen Chen and Zheng Yuxing form a deep friendship and have to face the harsh reality of growing up.

2 new TV series added

  • Netflix original on my block (Season 4) -TV-14-English-In a rough neighborhood of Los Angeles, four smart, funny and street teenagers test their lifelong friendships when they start high school.
  • Caesar Seven (Season 3) Netflix Original -TV-14-Mandarin-Wanting to restore his memory, running a scissors, cutting hair, half-killer shaking falls into a power struggle within the feudal group.

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows on Netflix for October 4th

# TV show Movies
D Squid game Guilty
2 Maid Duffer
3 Midnight mass My little pony: a new generation
4 Seinfeld Britney vs. Spears
5 Cockmelon Grown compromise
6 Sex education Until death
7 Chestnuts Honest brother
8 The rest is Hanma Sterling
9 The Great British Back Off Titanic
10 Terrible cat No one is alive

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