PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: First look at the NEW Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Disney World! We are very excited about the great celebration this is happening in the parks!

Cinderella Castle in its 50th anniversary decoration.

And to quote Mickey Mouse, “Oh, us!” They have spent some very busy days. We’ve been checking out the new character cavalcade, the new EARidescent costumes, the SNACKS (ALWAYS the snacks) and more. And, of course, we are so excited about the NEW Disney Enchantment Fireworks!

Speaking of fireworks, we also had a chance to check it out the return of Fireworks Dessert Parties a Magic Kingdom! Tonight, we check out the new dessert.

Disney Enchantment treatments and seats

Disney Enchantment treatments and seats costs $ 114 per adult i $ 69 per child, making it the most expensive of the 3 parts. Please note that entry to the theme park is mandatory, but is not included in the cost, so you will need to have a ticket to access the park.

Welcome to Tomorrowland Terrace!

We checked in at Tomorrowland Terrace and received a bracelet to point out from what fireworks dessert party we were separated. If you are over 21, you will be provided with an additional bracelet.


Although the event is not scheduled to start until 8pm, we were allowed to enter about 30 minutes early, so it’s worth a visit earlier if you have time. The cast members assure you, then guests cannot choose where to sit.


They took us to a table in the courtyard of Tomorrowland Terrace and we admired the view.

We will take this table!

There are no complaints here.

Now to the food! There are MANY desserts to choose from included a Chilling Chamber Pop, Oreo Cheesecake Mousse and Devil’s Chocolate Pudding …

… As well as cheeses and biscuits, fire fritters, chocolate covered strawberries, Tres Leche, and more!

Here’s a look at everything we’ve tried.

The full extension

As mentioned above, alcohol is included in the ticket price.

There are also many non-alcoholic options. Yes, it is true, it is the famous POG juice!

After seeing some delicious Disney desserts, it was time for Disney Enchantment to begin.

Disney Enchantment

This is truly a great place to watch the fireworks and we are thrilled to have the fireworks dessert parties back.

Disney Enchantment After Party

We were also able to visit the Disney Enchantment After Party. This particular dessert party costs money $ 99 per adult (over 10 years) i $ 59 per child (3 to 9 years) and passes AFTER the big show. Btherefore, fireworks began, we checked into the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant at 8pm, but they were also allowed to enter early.

We are ready for the party!

As the show approached, The cast members accompanied us to the Plaza Garden observation area. Please note that this is only a living room.

The view for After Party guests

There was still plenty of space in the standing area!

Lots of space

Then we saw the fireworks! We don’t cry (yes, yes, yes).


Even though we didn’t have a seat, the view was amazing.

Such a fantastic view!

After the fireworks, the cast members joined us again at Tomorrowland Terrace, where we celebrated a plethora of beautiful and delicious treats, including some themed ones around the 50th anniversary.

We are ready to eat!

These are the same treats we tried at the Treaties and Seats party; the biggest difference between these parts is that one guarantees one seat and the other is just standing.

He eats the same

The third called Disney Enchantment Pre-Party it’s essentially the same as the After Party, but eat dessert BEFORE Disney Enchantment begins. The price and the standing areas are the same, it just depends on when you want to eat your dessert – before or after the fireworks castle!

Dessert parties

If you want to know more, we will soon be doing a full review of the new fireworks dessert parties. We’ll be dealing with EVERY detail of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations, so stay tuned as well.

Check out our review of the new fireworks food party at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Have you ever booked a Disney World Fireworks dessert party? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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