The best new Korean shows and movies added to Netflix in 2021

In 2021, some of Netflix’s most popular content came from South Korea. Each new month brings multiple exciting dramas, thrillers and romances, and below we’ll list what we felt was the best in South Korean content on Netflix in 2021.

Between K-Pop and K-Drums, South Korea is really giving Japan and its anime a run for its money which is currently the most influential in the Western media.

Netflix has become one of the largest and most important platforms in the world for non-English language content, helping to break down barriers that many thought were impossible to overcome a decade or two ago. Arguably no country has benefited more than South Korea, which has seen its skyscraper use of movies and television over the past few years.

This is thanks to Netflix’s multi-million dollar investment in South Korean content that made it available to stream some of the headlines on this list.

With the 2021 slate so big, we thought we’d pick our favorite new K-Drama additions this year.

Squid Game (Season 1) N

For our prelude Squid games, We predict that this will be the biggest K-drama to land on Netflix since the release of the Zombie-Horror series Kingdom. However, we certainly didn’t expect how popular it was Squid game Was really going to happen.

At the time of writing Squid game Netflix has only been available to stream for three weeks, but the series is on its way to becoming the most-watched Netflix original in Netflix’s eight-year history. This means that Squid game Will be more popular than this Stranger things, Tiger King, Witch, Lupine, Money looting, And Bridgeton.

You can’t go five minutes without browsing YouTube or Tickets before watching some references or videos. Squid game. Some games seen on the show, such as Red Light Green Light have been mimicked, and can now be found on such sites Roblocks And video games such as Overwatch.

If you haven’t already, please don’t miss the biggest Netflix show of the year.

Hundreds of contestants, who are in deep financial trouble, have been invited to take part in a survival game where the winners will earn millions of dollars. However, the chance to become a millionaire also comes at the risk of losing your life and your humanity.

Hospital Playlist (Season 2) N

Hospital playlist Netflix already had a very popular K-Drama in 2020 thanks to how successful the first season was.

Before the first episode Hospital playlist Even on Netflix, we knew the second season was underway. The fans were rewarded for their patience, and the second season got the same as the first, and by the lowest margin compared to its first season in the South Korean rating.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect to see a third season, but that means customers have two great seasons and a total of 24 episodes on demand.

Since their time as undergrads in 1999, five doctors working at the same hospital have been good friends for twenty years. Although their lives are nothing more than ordinary, they are in the small world of life because they witness life and death every day. Over the years, their love of music led doctors to form a band together.

State: North Ashin (Special Episode) N

Previously Of the state Netflix subscribers had the opportunity to watch only licensed K-Drama for release, or to watch internationally licensed K-Drama with the original tag. Many of these shows were popular on their own, but thanks to Netflix’s first fully-produced South Korean series Kingdom, That genre has brought millions more eyes.

Kingdom Truly an example of the talent of South Korean filmmakers and an excellent presentation of how beautiful the country is for the show’s unprecedented cinematography.

North Ashin was a welcome demonstration while we waited for news for a possible third season Kingdom, While at the same time the one-episode episode adds a lot of back story to the show’s most mysterious character.

Leaving all and at the end of his wit, Ashin returns decades later to avenge his people. Death has just begun and his revenge will be paid in blood.

Vincenzo (Season 1) N

Another powerhouse in the ratings, Song Jung Ki jumped into his millions of K-drums fan collars in his elegant and intelligent Vincenzo Casano character and was hot.

Week after week Vincenzo episodes got better and better, which was reflected in his ratings in South Korea when the TVN series became the ninth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Many of the weekly K-dramas perform well, but it takes something special to draw the same level of attention Vincenzo.

Adapted to the Casano crime family as a child, Park Xu Hiang grew up in Italy and named Vincenzo. Now an adult, Vincenzo has become a lawyer for the mafia and family members. But thanks to the warring factions within the family, Vincenzo returns to South Korea where he fights the Babel group, a powerful organization that owns the building where tons of gold are hidden in the foundations.

Space Sweepers (2021) N

Its release Space sweepers It was a huge deal not only for Netflix, but also for South Korean films. Considered as Korea’s first space blockbuster, it was important to keep an eye on the movie as much as possible, which Netflix provided a lot. Millions of customers tune in to watch Space sweepers, Which made the film a huge hit on the platform, and many of the top ten lists in the world were space blockbusters.

An incredibly funny, and extremely well-made movie, it’s surprising that director Joe Sang-hee and his team of Bidangil Pictures could produce it on a budget of just .2 21.2 million.

In the near future, the world is on the brink of destruction, and the only form of money left is rubbish. A group of space sweepers near the wreckage suddenly change their fate when they find a human-like robot. Thinking they’ve got a big time, not long before the sound travels across the galaxy, and soon other crew goes in search of space sweepers hoping to steal the robot for themselves.

The most anticipated K-drama will still come in 2021

There are two more upcoming K-dramas that we expect to be on this list before the end of the year, who are action-thrillers My name, And horror Hellbound.

If you haven’t already, you should check out this highlighted clip from My Name. If the choreography of the battle from the clip is a taste of what to expect, we hope Netflix will have another extremely popular show on hand.

My name Eun Ji centers on U, who, after joining an organized crime ring, secretly goes and infiltrates the police to find those responsible for his father’s death.

For this Hellbound, We waited all year to learn more about the exciting horror drama. Based on the incredibly popular webtone of the same name, we totally hope so Hellbound It has to be the biggest release of the year, and once we get the first look at the series it is enough that we are fully committed when the series is dropped in November 2021.

Jung Jin Soo, the head and founder of the new religion Sejinrehway, preached that the angels of death sent from hell were revealed from God. His intense charisma attracts many strange and enthusiastic followers. Bae Young Jae, program director of a broadcasting center, is determined to discover the truth about Saejinrihwe, while detective Jin Kyun Hun explores the mystery behind the angels of death.

What was your favorite K-Drama on Netflix in 2021? Did we miss your favorite movie or series from our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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