News at EPCOT: the official opening of Raty’s Ratatouille officially opens and opens harmoniously.

This past week has been very big for Disney World, specifically EPCOT! The park celebrated its 39th anniversary on October 1 (the same day as the big 5-0 at Magic Kingdom), and his birthday was received by new fireworks, new gastronomic experiences, and much more!

The Earth spacecraft is a beacon of magic for its 50th anniversary.

A lot has happened at EPCOT since we last registered on what’s new, including the premiere of a NEW fireworks show, Harmonic! Let’s recap the EPCOT news this week.

General EPCOT updates

All right, we can’t have any news on the EPCOT news without talking about the new nightly deals. Let’s start with Harmonic!


Harmonic it officially premiered on October 1 with previews from two nights before, as the new nightly show around World Showcase Lagoon. He will now play every night as a way to end the day at EPCOT.


Before leaving EPCOT, be sure to go through Spaceship Earth and check it out GORGEOUS new night look.

Earth spacecraft transformed by “Points of Light”

Earth spacecraft is one of four new “Beacons of Magic “ where the park’s four icons literally and figuratively “shine” once the sun sets. It’s really awesome!

Earth spacecraft “Points of Light”

Back to World Showcase, Remy Ratatouille Adventure it also officially opened on October 1 after a few weeks of previews.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Currently the route uses the same virtual queue system we saw Rise of the Resistance at Disney Studios in Hollywood.

Ratatouille’s adventure on Remy’s horse

We also experienced the first night of night park extension at EPCOT. The night we visited, the park was open for two more hours guests staying at Disney World Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villa Resorts.

Spaceships pile up during EPCOT’s extended night park hours

The crowds gathered quite early, which gave them a chance practically walk to your favorite EPCOT attractions in addition to enjoying all the night beauty of the Spaceship. Some restaurants are open during extended evening hours, including the Rose & Crown pub.

The Rose and Crown pub is open all night.

Don’t forget that “Future World” at EPCOT is no more. As of October 1, EPCOT’s “front half” is divided into three new neighborhoods: World celebration, world discovery and world nature.

EPCOT map with new neighborhoods

Don’t confuse these new neighborhoods on your next trip. Be sure to pick one up map of the park as you enter.

Click here for more photos of Spaceship Earth’s new nocturnal look as a magic beacon.

EPCOT food updates

Rose & Crown dining room

Speaking of new nightly deals, EPCOT also picked up its offer artificial food packages – a a Rose & Crown dining room and the other a Road table of species. Both offer seafront views Harmonic!

Pudding Trio

We had views, sounds and flavors at the Fireworks package in the Rose & Crown dining room let’s see what it was!

Our opinions

If you don’t want to have to take a seat early Harmonic and if you want to combine your fireworks shows with some dinner, you may want to check out these dining packages on your next visit.

Click here to see photos from our night at the EPCOT pyrotechnic experience.

Sun stations

In addition to these two dining packages, EPCOT was released (along with the rest of Disney World) a TON of new candies for the celebration of the 50th anniversary. Some exclusive EPCOT delights include the Bundt mini chocolate cake and the Lemon chiffon cake at Sun stations

Bundt mini chocolate cake

… as well as the “Cheese” Remy’s Cake, also at Sunshine Seasons!

It’s a cheesecake … it looks like cheese! Brilliant!

The three Sunshine Seasons desserts were inventive and tasty. Definitely check them out the next time you are at EPCOT.

Click here to read the review of some of the new Sunshine Seasons desserts.

Brew-Wing and The EPCOT Experience

Brew-Wing remains strong in The EPCOT Experience as part of the EPCOT International Wine and Food Festival. The Festival did not release many new features specifically for the 50th anniversary, but this past week marked the return of the Cronut!

EARidescent Crescent Donut

Specifically, let’s talk about EARidescent Crescent Donut, which is your traditional “cronut” with bright blue icing and Mickey sprinkled on top! We thought it was a very tasty dessert that any candy aficionado would like.

More Mickey Sprinkles!

They are also new to Brew-Wing Brussels sprouts! This floor snack is 5 USD and flew us!

Brussels sprouts!

Brussels sprouts had the perfect amount of crunchiness and the taste of Blue Cheese and Ranch almost made us forget it was a vegan snack. If you’re a fan of Brussels sprouts, try this appetizer on your next visit before the Gastronomy and Wine Festival ends on 20 November.

Click here to read our full review of the EARidescent Croissant Donut.


True, almost three months after the festival, we have NEW food and wine stalls to talk about. On October 1, the Stand of Brazil, which moved to the port of entry this year.

The stand in Brazil has opened.

There, we tried the Brazilian seafood stew Moqueca per 5.75 USD …

Brazilian seafood stew Moqueca

… the Crispy pork belly for $ 6.25 …

Crispy pork belly with black beans

… the fan favorite Cheesecake for $ 4.75 …


…and the MIA Beer Company Lima Lager per $ 9


This stand includes returning favorites, so be sure to stop by if you’re a fan of Brazil.

Click here for our full review of Brazil’s stand at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Gelateria Toscana

More on Italy Pavilion, we passed by here Gelateria Toscana for them “7” layer cake! It may be a while since we have to count anything, but we don’t see exactly seven layers in this cake:

7-layer cake

Overall, we found the cake to be moist and tasted it almond, raspberry and dark chocolate – A combination of flavors that we didn’t particularly like, but it’s possible! To $ 10, you can try this 7-layer (-ish) cake on your next trip to EPCOT.

Click here to read our full 7-layer cake review.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

He Joffrey’s coffee and tea situate al American adventure is where you will find one Celebration drinks, including refreshment Gold star dust per $ 6.39. This is one frappe made with Wild Berry Acai topped with Whipped cream i EARidescent blue and gold sprayed.

Gold star dust

You can find celebratory sips at Joffrey’s locations all over Disney World, so go on the lookout as you walk through the parks during the 50th anniversary celebration.

Click here to read the full review of Joffrey’s Golden Stardust Drink.

EPCOT merchandise updates

Creation shop

We love going through the new Creation shop, The new EPCOT “flagship” store that replaces Mouse Gear. It was a popular place to celebrate the 50th anniversary, on limited edition merchandise was sold.

Creations is popular.

Creations Shop was one of the Disney World places to shop specialty dated items to commemorate your visit on October 1, 2021.

50th anniversary merchandise

Many of these items sold out in an instant.

Port of entry

More 50th anniversary merchandise has recently been seen at the port of entry. Items included include new 50th Anniversary Starbucks Jar per $ 24.99

We’ll take 10, please.

… as well as the same Starbucks Tumbler in the form of a mini ornament for $ 14.99

Nothing brings us to the holiday spirit like a Starbucks glasses ornament.

Stay tuned for these new collectibles on your next visit.

Click here to see more 50th anniversary merchandise.

This will be done for our latest summary of what’s new at EPCOT. It was definitely a GREAT week for the amusement park with new attractions and entertainment that will officially open, not to mention all this new food. We will continue to provide the latest news from the four theme parks, resorts and beyond in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to check in as you prepare for your next trip.

Click here to read what’s new at Disney Studios Hollywood.

Are you planning a trip to Disney World for its 50th anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments.

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