Spotify is a new way to share songs you’ve written on Spotify – for artists

Today, we are thrilled to announce the beta of lyric pages, a new way to share your written songs on Spotify and discover them by potential collaborators and fans.

Since we started showing song credits publicly on Spotify in 2018, we’ve seen the often 0% increase labels and distributors credit songwriters in their new releases – which allows artists and fans to dig deeper and recognize your work. As the lyric pages turn, we continue to develop how to discover, appreciate, and enjoy your music.

Discover with clickable credits

Labels, publishers, music supervisors and artists from all walks of life tell us that they are constantly hating Spotify song credits. When the lyricists included in the beta are deposited on a track, listeners can click the names of the song authors to see a page displaying the songs they have written. Clickable song credits are available on Spotify's iOS, Android and desktop apps.

Clickable song credits are available on Spotify’s iOS, Android and desktop apps.

Showcase songs you’ve written // Share your compositions with the world

If you are included in the beta, your page will have a list of songs you have written and your most frequent artist collaborators. You can share a link to your page on social media or on your website so that someone can check your music, whether they are Spotify users. The lyric pages show all the tracks you have written and much more.

The lyric pages show all the tracks you have written and much more.

Listen on Spotify

We want collaborators and not just fans See Listen to all your music, but too. That’s why every lyric page has a new feature. “Wrote“Playlist of your songs. Spotify listeners will be able to discover and follow these playlists by searching.

To celebrate the debut of the lyricist page, we’re highlighting these “written” playlists on the Home tab for Spotify listeners.

& quot;  Link to your lyric page for easy discovery of playlists written by

“Return by” playlists link to your lyrics page for easy discovery

So what’s next and how can I get involved?

As part of this launch, we are proud to make our debut for the lyric pages Meghan is the trainer, Fraser T. Smith, Miss Elliott, Teddy Giger, Ben Billions And Justin Tranter, Among many others. In beta, these pages are enabled by publishers and Spotify in partnership with lyricists. This will allow you to express your interest This list And we’ll be in touch with more information soon.

To keep up to date, don’t forget to follow P Spotify Artist To see some of the other lyricists who have worked with us on Instagram and to hear about other opportunities to work with our team. We can’t wait to see how you use these pages.

P Spotify publishing and lyric team

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