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2014 was a big year. A year that gave birth to the ice bucket challenge. A year where the legalization of same-sex marriage was introduced in 18 more states. Kanye And Kim was tied up Chris Martin And Gwyneth consciously uncoupled. It was also where that year was FarrellIts hat choice is national news. For music, 2014 saw countless big hitters: FKA twigs His inauguration is a blessing for us Full length, U2 Gave a LP Free, Taylor Swift Went with full pop 1989, ILOVEMAKONS Released “Tuesday”And spotlight his Manquin Head Sidekey. Fetty Wap? He dominated airwaves, blogs and clubs. “Trap queen“Probably his first accurate single. It was absolutely one The Breakout hits of the year. To date it has streamed 735 million times on Spotify.

Fatty – Willie Jr. Maxwell II – reveals his name in the wake of his release. First album, Continuing to sing and travel in the intervening years, basically taking an IRL masterclass that was just a big explosion after a track and then navigating the world after that earthquake changed. What he’s going to do in 2020: Before his second album, he’ll be dropping two EPs (one of them coming out this Friday, Friday, February 1) plus you can catch him on tour in April.

We recently met with Fatty in NYC for the best advice. Where previous episodes focused on creativity, performance, writer’s block, patience, perseverance, and more, Fatty Nugget came from his accountant, and that advice was particularly practical. And Effective. And like all other eps of best advice, it’s a word from wise men that we all – whether you’re an artist or a member of an artist’s team – are good to pay attention to.

Peel off your ears to find out Fatty’s new LP later this year and watch her best advice episode above.

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