The best (and worst) things we ate at Disney World in September.

This past month has been one to remember when eating at Disney World. From the new restaurants opening to the new menu items still featured at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, it looks like this has been one of the most sausage eating months of 2021!

Cinderella Castle

Of course, with all this food we’re trying, there will be some winners … and unfortunately some losers. Today, we’re revisiting some of our best and brightest options from what we had during the month of September at Disney World.

The best

Blue moon cauliflower from space 220

We begin our list of “Best” with perhaps the largest gastronomic event at Disney World in the last month: the long-awaited opening of Space 220 and EPCOT! We tried pretty much the whole menu for both of us lunch i dinner (including the living room!), and there were SEVERAL highlights. However, one issue on which all our reporters agreed was the Blue Moon Cauliflower.

Blue Moon Cauliflower

This dish is made of cauliflower fried in tempura, homemade spicy sauce and blue cheese powder. With the perfect amount of crunchiness and flavor, our reporters totally devoured this dish.

Blue Moon Cauliflower

You can order it as a “Lift Off” snack at lunch (Fixed price menu of $ 55) or a dinner ($ 79 set menu), or you can order it at Living room a la carte for $ 17

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Cute fillet from space 220

While you can get the Blue Moon cauliflower almost anytime of the day at Space 220, our next favorite this month, its 8 oz Filet Mignon, it is a dish only for dinner that you will not find in the living room; can only be found at $ 79 fixed price menu.

8 oz Cute Fillet

The steak is served with Cabernet butter, potato leek croquette and Green Bean. If you want to go luxury, for an additional $ 10 you can add Shrimp to this dish, or for an additional $ 15, you can add a medium lobster.

8 oz Cute Fillet

This was, by far, one of our favorite dinner dishes in space 220. The steak cooked perfectly and had this consistency that melted in your mouth (cabernet butter also helped!). If you are a meat fan, there may not be a better option if you dine in space 220 for dinner.

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Gideon’s Bakehouse lemon poppy seed cookie

Gideon’s Bakehouse publishes time-limited menu items each month, and by September, guests were able to try them out Lemon poppy seed cookie! This month’s special dessert is one $ 6 Lemon poppy seed cookiee with White chocolate chips i Mini lemon chips on top. It’s a cup of tea totally fond of citrus and, like Gideon’s other cookies, was baked to perfection (in addition to preeeety).

It has white chocolate chips and mini lemon chips

We wanted to point it out this half-pound cookie was a bit controversial among our journalists. Some pointed out that this was so by far, the best they’ve had this month, while others they weren’t fans of the taste of lemon poppy seed! A new month means the lemon poppy seed cookie will be replaced with another flavor, but hopefully we’ll see that cookie come back in the future so you can decide for yourself.

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Crepes de La Crêperie de Paris

Space 220 was not the only new restaurant to open the EPCOT this month. We were also able to check it out The Paris Creperie, which is in the new expansion in the French Pavilion. This dining room has both a table service restaurant and a counter service location.

The Paris Creperie

While we generally enjoyed the variety of pancakes in both locations, there were two that stood out the most. We especially liked the restaurant we liked The Savoyarde Galette, that comes with Raclette cheese, onion and imported Bayonne ham. It’s FULL of these caramelized onions, so you should like this flavor to really enjoy this dish. Luckily, this Galette was tasty throughout! You can ask for it a la carte for $ 15.95, or you can include it as part of your 33-course three-course meal.

La Galette Savoyarde

Another scream we wanted to include was the Brie Galette from Take away pancakes, alias the “go” window at La Crêperie in Paris. A $ 9.95, the interior of this Galette was creamy and spicy with a tasty Brie cheese fondue – an instant victory for melty cheese!

Brie Galette!

Whether you decide to try the restaurant to sit or the window to go to La Crêperie de Paris, we believe it will become a good addition to your list of restaurants to dine on during your Disney World trips.

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Brew-Wing Brussels Sprouts

Yes, of all the foods we tried this month at Disney World, Brussels sprouts they were among our best choices. You can find them at Brew-Wing at the EPCOT Experience as part of the EPCOT International Wine and Food Festival, which runs until November 20.

Brussels sprouts!

A 5 USD, that was it a solid snack option! Brussels sprouts were the perfect crunchy texture, and the flavors were out of this world. It is also important to keep this in mind this is a vegan dishand the Ranch and Blue Cheese at the top are ground floor.

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The worst

Galaxy cereal salad from space 220

They can’t all be winners this month! Although we loved spending time in space 220, not all of the dishes ended up marking us. One of the dishes we would probably omit the next time we visit is the Galaxy cereal salad.

Galaxy cereal salad

In general, we found that file the ingredients in this dish weren’t quite put together as we expected them to do. And when you pay the best menus for fixed prices (at the price of $ 55 per adult for lunch i $ 79 per adult for dinner), we will have slightly higher standards for all the dishes we try.

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Skittles Sugar Cookie Pie from Main Street Confectionery

Confectionery on the main street reopened in late September after a somewhat long period of reform. Going inside, we were impressed not only by the bright, colorful decor, but the wide selection of new dishes to eat.

Pastry shop

We tried several of the new sweets and although we enjoyed many of them, unfortunately we couldn’t stay behind. Skittles Sugar Cookie Pie per $ 5.49.

Skittles Sugar Cookie Pie

We thought that The bowls did not bake well in the cookie and left us with one strange texture. We probably wouldn’t get this particular item again, but there will be many others we would buy again.

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Witch Way cocktail of Disney Springs outdoor beverage carts

Our last two items on our September “worst” list are cocktails, both of which you can find Disney Springs. The first thing we wanted to mention is the Witch Way Cocktail. You can find it at outdoor drink carts per $ 13 until October 31st. It’s a mix of Vodka, Blue Curaçao drink syrup, orange juice and pineapple juice. It is supposed to be adorned with a Poison Apple Glow Cube… but instead we got a wedge of lemon.

Witch Way

Our biggest complaint with this drink was that it did WAY too sweet between the juices and the blue curacao. It was hard for us to taste the vodka and for the price, we would like to know that we paid for an adult drink. Otherwise, how is it different from a regular juice drink that you can get in a much cheaper way? Besides, we miss the vibrations of Halloween and obtained more “tropical vibrations.” Not necessarily a bad thing, but we were a little confused with the issues at stake.

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Monster Daisy Dockside Daisies

The second cocktail we include on our “worst” list of the month is the Monster Margarita from Daisies from the dock. It’s a mix of Silver pattern tequila, Grand Marnier, sugar, black cherry, green apple and lime juice and costs $ 16

Monster Margarita

We were expecting something more unique for the Halloween season, but all we had left was one very strong artificial cherry flavor along with some bittersweet. It was okay, but finally it left us wanting something more memorable and spooky (with a name like Monster Daisy, we will have high expectations!).

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This will be done for our top and bottom selections for the month of September. If you thought there was no way Disney World could beat the huge amount of new food released in a month, think again: October a huge amount of 150 candies NEW for the 50th anniversary celebration! Rest assured we will be back next month with a whole new list of the best and worst things we’ve tried.

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