Celebrating #HispanicLatinxHeritageMonth: Carla Pereira discusses the authenticity of the Global Encanto product collection

This fall, “Encanto,” from Walt Disney Animation Studios, will hit screens and transport audiences from around the world to the Casa Madrigal to experience the vibrant magic and sounds of Colombian culture.

Before the premiere of the film, we are very excited to share a specially designed collection of “Encanto” products with art designed by Colombian artists, which highlights the beautiful history and culture of Colombia. Keep reading to hear one of the talented minds behind the collection as we continue to celebrate Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month and showcase the rich cultures and customs of the community.

Carla Pereira, marketing director of Parks, Experiences and Disney Products in Latin America, played a key role in bringing the “Encanto” collection to life. Carla collaborated with U.S. teams to attract four artists from various regions of Colombia to create original artwork inspired by “Charm”. Fans can celebrate the upcoming film with portable art pieces, accessories and more, with these bespoke designs.

The collection includes works of art by artists Catalina Estrada, Sebas Pakui, Diana Ordonez (Ledania) and Johnny Nuñez, who used their unique artistic styles to capture the heart of the film and its magical story of the culture, music and the Colombian family.

“For me, what makes this collection so special is that it shares Colombian art with the rest of the world so that they can experience it. Having something truly original and grounded in the art and culture of our region is so special to me. Knowing that our fans around the world will be able to experience this little piece of our rich culture is incredibly significant, ”Carla said.

Carla and her team worked with the artists to share the parts of the film that inspired them the most, while encouraging them to showcase their own experiences, unique styles and love for Colombia through their designs. The result: a colorful collection of products with unique textures and visuals that give life to the magical world of “Encanto”.

“There is such an emotional connection between what the artists saw in‘ Encanto ’and how they brought this to life through their different art styles. I felt that, as a Brazilian, I had been transported to Colombia when I first saw art, which shows how Latin Americans are so different, but we still have so many points in common, ”said Carla. “From family relationships, to how colors flow through our daily lives, I love to see these connections come out.”

Although her main role is focused on supporting product development in Latin America, Carla has always been passionate about advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion, and inspires her every day in her work.

Carla is leading efforts to help bring more inclusive products to market, such as the curly and textured hair care line recently launched in Brazil. She continues to be an advocate for the development of authentic products that truly reflect the incredible diversity of Disney fans around the world and is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate on the “Charm” collection, which according to she represents and celebrates Latin American culture.

“Having an authentic representation not only in the film, but also in the products, provides a strong sense of belonging to the Colombian community. And it’s so significant because everyone can participate in the culture. ”Carla pointed out.

Learn more about the visionaries of the collection here:

The Styled with “Encanto” collection is now available exclusively in Target stores and Target.com in the United States and will be published soon in Colombia. Stay tuned for more stories highlighting Hispanic / Latinx culture as we continue to celebrate #HispanicLatinxHeritageMonth until October 15th and be sure to follow us on social media for more information.

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