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We received alarming anonymous advice at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel that we couldn’t believe was possible. After signing the appropriate life insurance documents, we sent an anonymous journalist to investigate and what we found may come as a surprise. The hot dog of the month at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is not a hot dog. We know what you’re thinking; “My family takes a picture in front of the hot dog of the month every month! That can’t be true! “Keep reading to find out what we saw.

Hidden in a sleepy corner of the Disney Grand Californian hotel is Craftsman Grill, the site of our research.

Here is the first glimpse of the terror that awaits us. The rumors seem to be true. But without a doubt, this is just a fun sign and a beloved family entertainment company like Disney could never try to do something so blatantly.

Our findings show that the sign was not a joke. Not a hot dog! It’s a churro!

The hot dog of the month is a churro covered with a crunchy shell, marshmallow brioche, strawberry sauce and chunks of bacon. It is very spooky.

Our undercover journalist turned to the “hot dog” and confirmed that there were no hot dogs hidden inside. Seduced by the evil emanating from this damn dish, our reporter took a bite. He said it was delicious. He has not been seen since.

What is your opinion on this shocking event. Should the FBI and CIA be involved? Let us know in the comments?

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