Don’t be late for your fall favorites at Disneyland Resort

It’s officially October, the time of year when the days easily fall into the shadows and fall favorites are celebrated at the Disneyland Resort. If you’re thinking of a visit to share the family fun of the season, there’s no time to wait. You can still experience all the emotions of Halloween time now until October 31st, as well as celebrate the Day of the Dead and the eternal family bonds, now until November 2nd.

At Disneyland Park, surround yourself with orange joy as you stroll through the cleverly cut Main Street Pumpkin Festival, USA. Stand in front of the Mickey Jack or Lantern for your “must-see” October photo. Don’t forget to enter the skellebration at Haunted Mansion, where you can enjoy the 20thth presentation of Haunted Mansion Holiday. You won’t want to miss out on seasonal delicacies either, like the spicy fried chicken sandwich at Carnation Café or the haunting delicious gray Halloween stuff at Red Rose Taverne. Complete your wonderful time with a clock party for “Halloween Screams”, a supernatural projection and a special effects show presented every night and enhanced with fireworks on weekend nights. *

Halloween Transformation for Families in Cars Land and Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark at Disney California Adventure Park

Halloween Time is also booming at Disney California Adventure Park, with a change of family atmosphere at Cars Land, with unique décor and transformed attractions. If you feel like it, visit the Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark night, where creepy creatures and exciting drops await you. Also, check out this park’s unique foods before they disappear. Try a Pepper-Jack cheese stick at Corn Dog Castle or Oogie Boogie Macaron at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café.

Also at Disney California Adventure Park, the spirit of the Day of the Dead reigns in the gardens of paradise as it transforms into a family square. This lively cultural experience honors the Mexican tradition celebrated by the family and our loved ones who have been – and will always be – a part of our lives. Enjoy “A Coconut Musical Celebration” which is presented several times a day with songs, dance and lively mariachi music. There is also a unique photographic location in the installation “Tree of Life” or Tree of Life, as well as a meeting with Miguel and his interpreter. Don’t miss the arts and crafts here, as well as a delicious display of multiple Mexican specialties.

Disneyland Resort Halloween Spirit T-Shirt

Make sure you save time for some scary purchases, because no visit is really complete without a souvenir. You can choose from a wide range of Halloween items for demons, children and adults alike in Disneyland Resort locations.

You don’t have to be a scared cat! Watch the video below.

Get your ticket and make your theme park reservation to visit Disneyland Resort for Halloween Time, now!

* Actions are subject to change or cancellation, including weather conditions

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