Magic Kingdom News: Fireworks, 50th Anniversary Updates and more

It’s been a busy day at Disney World!

Disney World just turned 50 years old

The 50th anniversary celebration has begun, there is already a lot of merchandise available, stores have reopened and more. Want to go to Disney World soon? Just sitting on the couch and need a dose of Disney to brighten the day? Then join us for a virtual tour around Magic Kingdom to see what’s new.

Magic Kingdom food updates

Confectionery on the main street

We will start with the food (of course). Recently, the Main Street Confectionery software opened and reopened completely in Magic Kingdom.

Confectionery on the main street

We’ve shared a full look at this site’s new look and offerings, including custom popcorn creations.

So many popcorn!

We’ve also shared reviews of some of the unique snacks you can grab here now, including Delights with Snickers …

Snickers Cupcake

… and bowling!

Rainbow-flavored fruit and bowling fudge

Click here for more information on the reopened pastry shop.

Spring roll cart

Then for all Spring Roll Cart fans, we have GOOD news. He Spring Roll Cart has reopened at Disney World and that has a NEW 50th anniversary spring roll flavor!

Spring rolls of the 50th celebration

They have the 50 spring rolls of the celebration Keep the Pepper Jack Cheese inside, and are served with a Mustard sauce.

Click here to see the full review of this new pleasure.

Joffrey’s Coffee

At Joffrey’s Revive in Magic Kingdom, we grabbed a new 50th anniversary drink: the Gold runaway star!

Pretty pink

This drink is made with a Strawberry Strike topped with Whipped cream i EARidescent pink and gold.

Should you drink this drink? Click here to see our review.

50th appetizers

Of course, these aren’t the only 50th anniversary snacks available now at Magic Kingdom. At all of Disney World’s parks and resorts, you’ll find more than 150 snacks and drinks as part of the 50th anniversary celebration, and some of them are in Magic Kingdom. There is one Toad Burger

Toad Burger

Royal 50th Churros

Royal 50th Churros

ice cream in the bathtub (!)

Uncle Orville Great Great Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae

… and much more. Basically, if you’re going to Magic Kingdom soon, make the elastic pants, as you’ll need them.

Click here to see our reviews of ALL the 50th anniversary snacks we’ve had so far.

Magic Kingdom build updates

As for construction updates, we’ve seen a few things over the last few days, especially those days before Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

In front of Cinderella Castle, we saw some trees around some of the outer areas (although it was before the 50th anniversary).

Time for some bushes!

We also saw one number of fantastic imaginative details outside the confectionery that appear in the background story.

Pastry display

In the confectionery you will find more details about the characters that appear in the window, so be sure to look for it.

Inside the Confectionery

We have also seen some of them it was filming around the park while Disney prepared for its fifties.

Many shootings continue

No doubt Disney was busy making sure everything was in top shape by October 1st. On October 1, we were finally able to see that much of this hard work was paid off. Learn more about 50 new things in a second.

Magic Kingdom merchandise updates

As for the merchandise, there has been a lot to see in Magic Kingdom over the last few days.

Frontier Trading Co.

A Frontier Trading Co. we saw some of them Halloween Pins with Mickey Mouse …

Mickey’s Halloween pin

Donald Donald Duck…


… Rapunzel …

Best Pin in History!

…and the Aristocats!

What pin would you get?

We also saw some pines celebrating Alice’s Birthday in Wonderland with Alice …

Pins Alice in Wonderland

… and more characters from this classic movie.

Head out!

There were also some boxes of mysterious pines …


… and a VERY big PIN from Alice in Wonderland on her 70th birthday for $ 74.99.

This is a giant pine

At Frontier Trading Co., we also saw limited edition attraction pins which is sold here.

Attraction pins

These pins brought some BIG crowds to this place some days.

More attraction pines

If you want to grab these pins, be sure to look and see if they are available during your next trip.


At the Emporium, we found one 50th anniversary charm bracelet.

50th anniversary bracelet

The charms they contain include different forms of transportation and more.


We also found some nuiMOs Disney treats accessories with a bucket of popcorn and a container for ice cream. The price of nuiMOs accessories was $ 12.99 each.

How good are these ?!

At one point earlier in the week, we saw the Fall of the 50th anniversary of Starbucksr, but during other trips we were told he was exhausted.

Starbucks glasses

If necessary, be sure to look for it during your next trips.

Main Street Bakery

At Main Street Bakery, we saw new ones 50th Anniversary x Starbucks Merchandise, including new mugs with an amazing impression that includes all sorts of buildings, attractions, characters and other realms of the Magic Kingdom.

At the moment there are many things here!

You’ll also find ornaments and more for Starbucks ’50th anniversary. Starbucks items are usually very popular, so you’ll want to grab them quickly if you notice them during the next visit.

Click here for more information on this 50th anniversary collection.

Main Street Cinema

At Main Street Cinema, you’ll find it Disney’s new Vault collection: a vintage-looking collection full of pieces that will fill your retro-loving heart with joy.

The Vault Collection at the Main Street Cinema

There is even one amazing jacket available!

Look at this jacket!

The jacket features all sorts of characters on the back, including Mickey, Donald and more.

Check it out

It has a fantastic retro vibe and can be all yours $ 89.99

While the merchandise items are amazing, what you may like even more are the retro screens that are part of this store.

Mr. Toad

Be sure to stop at the Main Street Cinema to get a picture of Mr. Toad and pick up some retro items along the way.

Click here to see all the items that are part of the Vault collection.

Good morning! Gifts from the people

Hello! We found some gifts from the village 50th anniversary collectible gold coins …

Gold Coins

… a unique gold coin that sells itself …

Gold Coin

… and golden electronic tickets.

Golden E-Ticket

Here’s a look at the cost of these items.


If you are looking for a truly unique memory to return from this great celebration, they could be a good choice.

Click here to see more than 100 pieces of 50th anniversary merchandise that Disney has released.

Various Magic Kingdom updates (including many news issue number 50)

As for other updates, we saw one guest in an absolutely gorgeous dress they had made for the 50th anniversary. Seriously, this guest WINS the 50th.

Look at this dress!

He Frontierland Shootin ‘Arcade it reopened as a special surprise and it was totally over FREE forT to enjoy guests.

It’s free to play!

A Adventureland, A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas reopened!

It’s open!

This is a free interactive treasure hunt in which you can participate throughout Adventureland. If you’re looking for a free and fun interactive activity for the whole family to participate in, don’t forget to check it out.

Grab a map

And finally, we’ll go through the 50 news as quickly as possible (because there was A LOT). Recently, we have seen new 50th anniversary posters in the tunnels under Main Street Railroad Station, USA

What a beautiful poster

We also shared a look at Mickey and the gang that started the 50th anniversary celebrations …

50th Welcome Show

… a look at the 50th anniversary commemorative map …

Map of the Magic Kingdom

… details about a magnificent memory of the 50th anniversary that was offered on the 50th anniversary …

The guests got one when they left the Magic Kingdom

… photos and videos of the new 50th anniversary cavalcade at Magic Kingdom …

We love you, Mickey!

… and a look at the 50th anniversary Minnie Cup!

What a box!

We also shared photos and videos of the NEW Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Disney Enchantment, which premiered on October 1


… a look at the return of fireworks dessert to Magic Kingdom


… and a look at the crowds in the park on its 50th anniversary.

Crowd on the main street

To see more about all of our adventures at Disney Parks on our 50th anniversary, click here.

And this is a look at what’s new in Magic Kingdom. Be sure to check back with us for more updates.

Pianist The Casey’s Corner is back: click here for more information.

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