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In 2019 Brittany Howard Has taken a big step. He didn’t change labels or management, he didn’t move house – nowadays he lives happily with his wife and five cats and dogs in Taos, New Mexico. No, one of the scariest steps an established 1-year-old established artist can take last year: he came out on his own.

For the past decade, Brittany has been synonymous with Howard Alabama Shakes, Anchors its catchy, lively voices and the band’s effortless, bright brand blues rock. But as a lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Howard’s talent is wide, and outside of Grammy-winning quadrants, he often sought to expand his creative horizons with side creations. Thunderbich And The Bermuda Triangle.

This past September, her album was released Jaim It is a deeply personal collection where he recalls growing up as a child of a mixed race in the South, ranging from spirituality to the terror of romantic weakness; Already the title is an achievement to his older sister Zaim, who died at the age of just 13 due to a rare form of eye cancer. Goldenly Jaim Despite being combined, there are significant grounds across – including Psychedelia (“13th Century Metal”), Prince-Lee Funk (“History Repeat”) and Delicious Spirit (“Stay High”). There is even a sign D’Angelo Her pain stitched in vocal cadences; Something Andre 3000 In his swagger. Not surprisingly, the Athens-born artist is set for another Grammy later this month.

Brittany interviewed her best advice, sat in the hot seat for a cocktail in hand and she found sunshine on a fragile New York winter day. Breaking down the crew and talking candidly about his experience in the industry and all the lessons he has learned, proves that his best advice came from a wonderful source… a psychic!

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