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On this last February Stream On, we Spotify has announced the Audience Network, Our first-of-its-kind audio advertising marketplace that enables advertisers to enjoy a wide range of music and podcast content with their audiences. Since then, we’ve launched networks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada through third-party podcasts of Spotify Originals and Exclusive and Megaphone publishers. The Wall Street Journal And ViacomCBS. What’s more, since launch, the number of podcasts on our network has grown by more than 50% – even more along the way.

While the Spotify Audience Network is still in its early days, we’re pleased with the impact we’ve already seen with this new, audience-centric approach to buying podcasts. The result? Greater reach for advertisers and higher earnings for selected megaphone publishers.

Anchor is being introduced to the Spotify Audience Network

Behind the scenes, we continue to develop new ways to make money from the work of podcast creators, including launches. Subscription And Developed Anchor Monetization Suite. And today, following a successful test time, We are officially opening the Spotify Audience Network for anchor makers in the United States.

Advertisers ’enthusiasm for the podcast industry has skyrocketed over the past year and with this introduction top anchor makers will be able to take advantage of their growing demand and have another way to monetize their content.

And for advertisers, the introduction of anchors into the Spotify audience network will enable them to connect with a more immersed audience as they stream the world’s fastest growing, most dynamic podcasts. Alyssa Milano: Sorry, sorry, How long has it been?, And Office hours stay with Tim Heidecker. Anchor holds 70% of Spotify’s podcast catalog, so this new capability quickly expands the reach of advertisers.

“I’m really excited to be part of the Spotify Audience Network as an anchor creator,” he said. Its creator rSlash. “Anchor was an amazing platform and helped me promote my podcast to where it is now. Based on my success with Anchor and Spotify so far, I have full confidence that the new monetization models they are offering will help manufacturers like me to further expand our business.

Podcast ads for everyone

But wait: there’s more.

Advertisers of all sizes are trying to take advantage of podcasts, but it has never been so easy. Until now, advertisers had to have a direct relationship with the Spotify team and a big budget to advertise on our podcast network. Now though, we are leveling the playing field and soon, all kinds of advertisers – universities, independent artists, app developers and many more – will be able to realize the value of podcast advertising. In the coming weeks, we’ll start buying podcast ads Spotify Ad Studio, Our easy-to-use, self-serving channel. We are starting in the United States with plans to expand to more markets in the future.

Giving advertisers more confidence and control when applying a brand-safe environment

Today, we are also announcing that we are here Joining the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) as the first audio platform among its ranks. As a member, we will help define brand protection standards in audio for the industry while ensuring that we comply with their already established guidelines.

“This year, consumers have called Spotify the most trusted advertising platform,” he said Lee Brown, VP, Global Head of Advertising Business. “It’s very important for us to maintain that trust from both our audience and our partners. We’ve already done this through our content and brand protection policy, which uses a combination of people and technology that is appropriate. But there’s always more to do. GARM industry guidelines Confirms our commitment to a set.

What’s more, we Enable the ability to exclude sensitive issues, Gives advertisers more confidence and control over where their messages are heard across the network. There was also Supercharging our relevant targeting tools, Enabling new controls to allow advertisers to target their messages against relevant podcast topics (remember: an animal shelter reaches an audience when they enjoy a program about pets).

The time is now

Interested in learning more about these launches? Advertisers can find out the details here And anchor podcasters can learn more about the Spotify audience network and the full suite of monetization offers. Anchor’s blog.

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