Want to live in a house designed by a Disney Imagineer?

Disney imaginators play a huge role in creating the magic of Disney Parks.

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Imagineers, also known as the Disney name team of engineers, artists, scientists, designers, architects and more, are behind the designs of so many of our favorite Disney Parks attractions, lands and developments. Now, a house really designed by a Disney Imagineer has hit the market in California, so let’s see how it is!

As reported The Sacramento Bee, this home in Lake View Terrace, California, was designed by Fred Joerger, one of the three original Disney Imagineers who was also behind the designs of Sleeping Beauty and the Deer Castle at Disneyland. The house was built in 1953.

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This 2,892-square-foot estate, now known as Villa di Fontana, also contains works of art by famous Disney artists, such as Tyrus Wong, who worked Around the world in 80 days, i Walt Peregoy, who was a cartoon background painter, Realtor.com reported.

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The property consists of three bedrooms and three bedrooms, with a green garden consisting of magical waterfalls, an indoor waterfall and a Koi pond. Realtor.com noted that the fish sculptures around the property are inspired by Mary Poppins, and the landscaping uses even the same forced perspective effects that are used in many Disney attractions.

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In accordance with The Sacramento Bee, the listing also cites the marble from the bookcases in the bathrooms, the outdoor gardens in each room, the stained glass windows, the skylights and more. The house has been completely restored with special care in every artistic detail.

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If you have $ 2.7 million, you could also have a little bit of Disney and Hollywood history. Keep reading All Ears for more Disney-related news.

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