1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class: Meet Earliene Anderson

Our 1971 class keeps Walt Disney’s dream alive by creating timeless memories and magical moments for our guests at Walt Disney World Resort. Today we want to celebrate a member of the special cast, who recently celebrated his 50th birthdayth birthday and is no exception to make Walt Disney’s vision a reality.

Earliene Anderson began her career at Disney in September 1971, planning and preparing for the opening of shops, resorts and more at Walt Disney World. Continuing her journey to Disney, Earliene held many more jobs in the company before reaching her current role in merchandise at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

“I’ve enjoyed my job all these years, but the real joy is seeing the guests,” Earliene said. “It simply came to our notice then. Give them 150% when I get to work. I find it easy to show them and give them an experience they will never forget ”.

Earliene has always had a love for Disney. Since his first visit to Disneyland in 1969, he has been inspired by the beauty and pixie dust that surrounds him. Earliene knew from that moment that she always wanted to work at The Walt Disney Company and luckily for her, two years later she would be part of the initial team.

Earliene’s dreams and love for Disney resonated in her family, who enjoy visiting her over the years. “’It’s a small world’ has been my favorite trip all these years. It’s always the first stop on every trip I make with friends and family, and I love directing guests that way while working on the contemporary. ”

As we continue to celebrate the 50thth Walt Disney World Resort’s birthday, we recognize Earliene and her cheerful spirit. When asked about all the ongoing festivities, Earliene declared how magical, spectacular and joyful it has been and will be over the next 18 months. “I have been overwhelmed by the joy of being here all this time. To love my guests, to make them feel special and to make their holidays a memorable one that they will not forget ”.


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“It will always be overwhelming to see the expansion of all growth [at Walt Disney World Resort]. Any job anyone could want is here [Walt] Disney World, so I encourage young people and retirees to come down and join us. Have fun. It’s a dream Walt dreamed of and we’re doing it. Oh, what a joy to be a part of Disney. “

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