BOOK NOW: Star Wars hotel reservations are OPEN for Disney World Pass holders and DVC members

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, AKA el Star Wars Hotel, is configured to open in March 2022 and Walt Disney World!

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The experience will be like no other. Your stay of 2 days and 2 nights at the Starcruiser will be completely immersive, with which you can interact with characters, train with a lightsaber and play games like sabacc. Not to mention, you’ll hike to Galaxy’s Edge! Boat seats are expected to be in high demand, however some groups can book their stay PRINCIPALLY from today!

You can do reservations right now per Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser if you are one Member of the Disney Vacation Club or a Annual shareholder!

Conceptual Art of the Dining Room Crown of Corellia – Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser © Disney

That is correct! These two groups can book a reservation at the Star Wars Hotel from today Thursday, October 7 to Saturday, October 9. Reservations will not be open to the general public until October 28th.

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He first trip will take off from Walt Disney World in March 1, 2022, therefore, this presale is an opportunity to be some of the first people to experience the new hotel. Reservations are limited during this presale period i hopefully they go fast, so don’t wait if you want to book a trip.

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The reservation is for travel From March 1, 2022 to May 4, 2022 (Star Wars Day). To book, call Disney at 407-939-5277 – Reservations can it can only be done by phone. But you should also receive an email from Disney with a different phone number and your unique code number as a DVC member or annual subscriber to use to book your reservation. If you do not, the booking agent should be able to find your code over the phone. Here is an example of prices posted by Disney:

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We just called a 07:00 this morning and we were put on hold as we were transferred to the Starcruiser booking team. Still, we were told that our waiting time was less than 11 minutes we waited over an hour. There were some, too no hold music or anything on the line, just shut up, so don’t hang up if that happens to you too, you’re still on the line. When we called from a separate line shortly after 8am, we were told it was the current timeout more than 2 hours.

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By the time we finished the first call, it was over 1 hour and 20 minutes since we scored for the first time. Our booking agent informed us Captain’s table the boat was already booked before today’s bookings opened, probably because Club 33 and Golden Oak were able to book earlier this week.

Captain’s Table at Galactic Starcruiser © Disney

The booking agent then informed us about the cancellation policy for Starcruiser. A 20% deposit of the full amount must be paid when booking and full payment must be made 90 days out. You YOU CAN cancel your trip before 90 days off. They recommend travel protection a $ 82.50 per person which will cover multiple grounds for cancellation, and you already have it 14 days from the day you book to cancel this protection if you purchase it. If you cancel your trip for 89 to 31 days, you lose half of the total amount you paid and, if you cancel 30 days or less, you lose the full import.

Sublight Lounge © Disney

We’ll keep you updated on everything related to the new Star Wars hotel, so stay tuned to DFB for more information.

Click here for more information on Galactic Starcruiser.

Want to book a trip to the Galactic Starcruiser? Let us know in the comments.

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